Growing up in Wisconsin, wine was always a staple at the dinner table. Laws in Wisconsin are a little different, so a child of any age can drink alcohol as long as they are with their parent or legal guardian. Because my mother had a very refined taste for wines, we often drank from her personal collection at home. When we went out for dinner I could experiment and try wines I was interested in.

Much to my horror, when I arrived at college I found that the standard was cheap wine that tasted cheap. Lamenting my limited budget, I realized that cheap wine was the only option. Luckily, through experimenting with many different brands, I've finally found a quality selection of wines for reasonable prices. Since I live in the middle of nowhere, Target is the go-to place for wine. Their motto of "expect more, pay less" finally held true. So that no other college student has to go through as many low-quality wines as I did, here's a list of the best wine at Target. 

Red Wines:

5. California Roots Red Blend Wine

Part of Target's $5 wine collection, this wine is certainly one of the cheapest on the list. However, unlike the other $5 red wines that are part of the California Roots line, this Red Blend can actually pass off as a (slightly) more expensive bottle. This wine is definitely high quality for its price. 

4. Roscato Sweet Red

If you love the sweetness of Moscato but are looking for a red wine, this sweet red wine is the answer. Cleverly labelled "Roscato," this Italian wine is well worth the price. Definitely some of the best wine at Target. 

3. Lolailo Red Sangria

If you're looking for the perfect wine for your college experience, sangria is it. While most wines tend to be more refined, sangria is meant for living it up. Add some fruit for some extra fun. 

2. Stella Rosa Black Red Blend

Want a wine as dark as your soul? Regardless of whether you're good or evil, this Stella Rosa Black Red Blend is imported from Italy and bound to impress. Nobody will believe that this wine comes from Target. 

1. Cupcake Vineyard's Pinot Noir

Fruity and full-bodied, pinot noir is the perfect middle ground between sweet and dry. Because of this, this wine is a favourite of many. Luckily for us, Cupcake Vineyards sells a Pinot Noir that is reasonably priced and reasonably delicious. 

White Wines:

5. Charles & Charles Riesling

While Riesling that's on the cheaper side is often far too acidic, Charles & Charles riesling is perfectly balanced, which makes for an exquisite wine. It may not be exotic, but it'll certainly hit the spot. 

4. California Roots Pinot Grigio

This Pinot Grigio is another wine from Target's $5 dollar wine collection. Surprisingly crisp and fresh, this wine will satisfy without draining your wallet. It also has an alcohol percentage of over 13 percent if you're looking to get lit. 

3. Sawtooth Chardonnay

This Chardonnay is a little more on the expensive side, but Chardonnay is so regal that it's certainly worth spending a little more money on. This wine is aged in oak and has hints of butterscotch and green apple. While it was bumped down on the list for its price, this Chardonnay is certainly one of the best wines at Target. 

2. Prophecy Sauvignon Blanc

Although it may be the pretty label of this Sauvignon Blanc that catches your eye, the taste of the wine certainly lives up to the look of the bottle. This wine is bright, fruity, and crisp, making it perfect for warm months. It sounds fancy too. 

1. Ruffino Moscato D'Asti

Although this may be biased, the sweet flavour of Moscato D'Asti has always been a favourite of mine. Ruffino's has a delightful flavor while being entirely affordable. The fact that this amazing wine can be bought at Target is only the cherry on top. 

Although this may be my personal list of the best wine at Target, everyone has different tastes. Use this list as a guide but take your own favorite flavors into account to ensure that you're truly using every dollar to its best use (for wine).