Everyone has their go-to sweets. For some, it's chocolate. For others, it's ice cream (Ben & Jerry's, you hold the key to my heart). However, Target trail mix is my all-time favorite snack. Target trail mix possesses all the qualities of a top-notch snack: it's tasty, inexpensive, not completely unhealthy, and there are so many varieties that you'll never get tired of it. With so many varieties of Target trail mix, it can get pretty overwhelming. I've ranked the 10 bet Target trail mixes, because I'm kind of addicted to the stuff. 

10. Black & White

The yogurt-coated peanuts, raisins, and chocolate in this noir-themed mix are sure to give you a sugar high. What lacks in this blend is variety, and after a while, it just gets boring. #Sorrynotsorry.

9. Sunny Cranberry

If you want to be healthy, this is the mix for you. With only 140 calories per serving, this mix contains cranberries, almonds, golden raisins, sunflower seeds, and pepitas. The raisins and dried cranberries add a sweet touch to the mix, which is needed because the sunflower seeds and pepitas are pretty flavorless.

8. Caramel Cashew

I'm a diehard M&M's and peanut trail mix fan. It's a classic combination I can never get enough of. When you start mixing in new additions like chocolate-covered caramel bites and cashews, it's a little off-putting to me. Don't get me wrong, it's a solid attempt and tastes good. But, do I really need cashews?

7. Cashew, Cranberry, & Almond

My roommate and I are obsessed with this trail mix. With no added sodium, it's pretty healthy, which makes it a great grab-and-go snack before heading off to the gym or class.

6. Simply Trail

This mix is everything basic, and I love it. Consisting of peanuts, raisins, M&M's, almonds, and sweetened cherries (woah Target, you're really stepping up your game), this mix is addicting. Eat with caution.

5. A Handful of Everything

Prepare yourselves, because this trail mix will throw all your pre-conceived notions about snacking out the window. This mix has everything in it: banana chips, dried mango, dried pineapple, yogurt-coated peanuts, chocolate chips, almonds, raisins, and coconut. It's a blend for the ages, and this mix works together to create a sweet, sweet snack.

4. Tex Mex

Sometimes, we need to (literally) spice things up in our snacking game. This mix, with salsa corn sticks, chili bits, and spicy peanuts, is a savory ode to the Lone Star State, and it'll leave your tongue tingling. 

3. Dark Chocolate Espresso   

Coffee lovers, rejoice! Didn't have time for your morning pick-me-up? Throw this travel-sized mix into your backpack and munch on it during class. With chocolate-covered coffee beans, praline almonds, mocha pecans, hazelnuts, and chocolate chips, the Dark Chocolate Espresso mix is the perfect substitute for coffee.

2. Zen Party

Buy this trail mix for the name alone. This highly underrated Target trail mix offers salty and crunchy goodness in every bite. Don't worry, the wasabi peas won't ruin your zen, they're really not that hot.

1. Monster Trail Mix

A spin on the traditional trail mix, this blend incorporates peanut butter chips, which complements the peanuts and the M&M's nicely. Reach for this snack the next time you have guests over — I can promise you this jar won't last long. It's that good.

#SpoonTip: Craving even more PB? Try Peanut Butter Monster, which has added sweets like peanut butter-coated pretzel balls. 

The next time you're feeling adventurous with your late-night cravings or need a new go-to for all your daily endeavors, pick up one of these hefty Target trail mix jars for your dorm room.