Going to the grocery store every week can be a challenge when we have so many other things to do. Lucky for us, there are a million grocery apps out there that can help make our lives (and our shopping trips) soooo much easier.

We're always on our phones anyways, so why not use it for our grocery trips, too? Here are some top grocery apps that'll make shopping for food way less stressful than that psych paper your putting off.

1. List Ease

List Ease does what its name implies—it lets you create a grocery or shopping list easily. You can share your lists with family and friends (get your wish lists ready, Christmas is coming). This app can help if you're like me and always forget your list at home, or if you just like to stay organized.

You can also keep track of what you've bought / checked off the list, what you already have at home, and what your budget is if you have one. And a funny looking list icon with glasses checks stuff off for you, if you're into that.

Free For iPhone and Android.

2. MealBoard

MealBoard lets you store recipes, plan meals, make grocery lists, keep track of what's stocked in your pantry, and even sync everything between multiple Apple devices. The app isn't free, but if you're looking for a way to keep your grocery shopping and cooking super organized, MealBoard is worth the few extra dollars.

$3.99 for iPhone; not available for Android.

3. Big Oven

If you're not looking to invest some cash into your grocery apps, BigOven is just like MealBoard, but free! BigOven lets you store recipes, follow your fave food bloggers, and make grocery lists. They even tell you how you can use leftover ingredients lying around in your fridge. Prone to letting food go bad before you can eat it? Save your food and get yourself a big oven (ba dum tsss).

Free for iPhone and Android.

4. Flipp

Having the Flipp app is like having every store circular out there at your fingertips. Instead of getting a stack of grocery store ads and coupons every week in the mail, Flipp helps you save money by giving you access to any store flyer you want without creating clutter (and more stuff to add to your recycling bin).

Free for iPhone and Android.

5. Grocery IQ

Available online and as a mobile app, Grocery IQ lets you create shopping lists by scanning bar codes, auto-searching items, and saving your favorite products to your search history. You can make multiple lists for different stores, and even organize each list by aisle to make shopping super easy. I would say it can also prevent you from wandering down the candy aisle when you don't need any, but what's the fun in avoiding the candy aisle?

Free for iPhone and Android.

6. Ibotta

Rather than giving you coupons or promo codes to save money, Ibotta will get you cash that you can have transferred to PayPal, Venmo, or a gift card. Ibotta will reward you for buying certain products and even eating at certain restaurants—as if we need an excuse to eat out.

Free for iPhone and Android.

7. Key Ring

If you're prone to losing rewards and membership cards or digging through your purse for your coupons (who else is "that guy" at the checkout line?), the Key Ring app will be your best friend. Not only does it let you store your membership cards, but you can also check out local sales, get coupons, and create shopping lists. 

Free for iPhone and Android.

8. Specialty Produce

If you've ever wondered what that weird pink fruit is on the shelf, this app can help you out. Whatever fruit or veggie you see in the store that you had no idea existed before, the Specialty Produce app will tell you just what the heck you're looking at and what to do with it when (or if) you bring it home. 

If you're not sure which weird produce to try, grab a bunch, bring it home, and play Chopped with your roommates—because nothing brings friends together more than reenacting a Food Network show.

Free for iPhone and Android.

9. Grocery Pal

Simple but helpful, Grocery Pal helps you find discounts and sales at local grocery stores, and create a shopping list before you head out for your shopping trip. Definitely a good pal to add to your social circle.

Free for iPhone and Android.

10. Supermarket-Specific Apps

Many supermarkets like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Sam's Club, and Walmart have their own apps for shoppers to provide access to coupons, deals, and weekly circulars. Some even allow you to create your own shopping lists, store gift cards electronically, and make deli orders ahead of time. 

Free for iPhone and Android.

Going to the grocery store can really really suck. Between cutting coupons and making lists, shopping for food can become a chore. Luckily, for all of us who are sick of failed and stressful trips to the store, there are plenty of grocery apps out there that can help make our weekly trips for food a whole lot easier.