We've all had those dates that are just a little uncomfortable. Usually dinner dates take the cake with "awkwardness" because not only are you trying to impress your date, but you're also trying to hide your inherent desire to just stuff your face. Don't worry, though — we're all in the same boat here. So without further ado, here are 10 thoughts we all have during a dinner date.

1. Please don't sit right next to me.

If you sit right next to each other, three disasters will simultaneously occur: 1) Your date will definitely notice the amount of food you accidentally drop onto your lap throughout the night. 2) There is an empty booth directly in front of you that is being wasted. 3) Everything about this looks awkward, and you are destined to end up with a crick in your neck.

2. What do I order?

This all depends on who's paying. If you’re paying, then money isn’t an issue. But the real problem is when your hot date is going to be forking the bill. Obviously you don’t want to order five entrées, two appetizers, and the most expensive drink on the menu. Choose wisely.

3. What if I don't like it?

You’ve successfully ordered something that won’t make your date run. Now the problem is whether or not you’ll actually enjoy it.

#SpoonTip: Don’t spit your food out. Ever. You’ll thank me later.

4. Is there any food in my teeth?

Congrats — you're eating your food. You've done a few things right. Here comes the part that sucks, though. You have no clue if food is getting stuck in your teeth, falling out of your mouth or somehow getting stuck elsewhere on your face. 

5. Nope. There's stuff in your date's teeth.

Do you tell your date and ruin the moment? At least this way, he or she will know and would be able to solve it (aka reduce the embarrassment of looking in the mirror later and wondering how long it’s been there). Or do you keep your mouth shut and pray that the food somehow leaves? Tough call.

6. Is our server going to ask us how long we've been together?

How does one even recover from this? 

7. That was painful but slightly fun.

You’re done. There’s probably no romantic feelings at the moment because your only accessible emotion is relief. Surviving a dinner date > surviving med school... right?

8. I forgot what my food tasted like.

Shame on you. That’s the best part! You were too nervous about how the date was going that you forgot to enjoy your meal. Hopefully this nervous eating syndrome will be treated after a few more dates. 

9. When's the second date?

You’ve stressed the entire meal, but something in you wants reassurance that this torture will happen again. Humans are strange.

10. I just got home, and I'm already hungry.