After scrolling through my Instagram newsfeed post-Austin City Limits, I came to a conclusion: everyone needs greasy food after a music festival. I soon realized this thought didn't only apply after music festivals, but really any time of any day. Greasy food is the key to my heart, and I know others feel the same. Why worry about how many calories you're eating everyday when you can be comforted by devouring a juicy cheeseburger or loaded French fries?

1. In-N-Out Burger

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Taylor Choi

Some people say In-N-Out is overrated, and I was one of those people, until I discovered the secret menu. The secret menu isn't really so secret, unless you're not a frequent customer like myself. Little did I know that you can ask for your French fries to be cooked many ways, like lightly fried or well done, and you can even order them animal style (topped with cheese, their special spread, and grilled onions). 

2. Flyrite

 Looking for study food? You found your companion, because Flyrite's chicken sandwiches are arguably the best study buddies, especially if eat inside their cute little restaurant. The standard chicken sandwich is always the way to go, but don't forget to ask for their house-made sauce or you will regret it. 

3. Kerbey Lane Café

 Kerbey Lane Café is the happy medium between breakfast and lunch, with the occasional dessert-style breakfast. The greasy food options are endless, and the cherry on top of the cinnamon swirl pancake? It's open 24 hours on Friday and Saturday. 

4. Arlo's

 There's no wrong choice when ordering at this vegan food truck located at both Spider House Café and Cheerup Charlie's. With burgers, tacos, and a plethora of sides (tots, duh), the minimal menu is hard to beat.

5. Super Burrito

 If you haven't been to Super Burrito after a night out on 6th Street, then you can't consider yourself an expert on greasy foods. Try the Texas burrito or the Sea Monster taco for the ultimate greasy experience.

6. Fricano's Deli

The hustle and bustle of lunchtime Fricano's Deli is always a pleasant environment, but if you're looking for a greasy sandwich to accompany your quiet study time on campus, hit up Fricano's Deli after lunch hours (around 2 or 3 PM). The sandwiches never disappoint. 

7. Burro Cheese Kitchen

 If you're in the mood to be outdoorsy and eat hearty, make your way to Burro Cheese Kitchen on South Congress where you will find a never-ending supply of cheese. Feel free to make your own sandwich, or choose from the hit menu of grilled cheese combinations. 

8. Chi'lantro

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Taylor Choi

Have you ever even heard of kimchi? If not, Chi'lantro is a must. Get with the trend, it's 100% vegan and it's even spicy, too, so there's really no reason to not try it. Greasy breakfast tacos are perfect for mornings after a night out with friends, or you can make your own rice or noodle bowl. 

9. Unity Vegan Kitchen

 Still not on board with the vegan food trucks? You might want to hop on — Unity has weekly specials that will throw your comfort food antenna into overdrive. If you're lucky enough to visit on a weekend, go for their classic Chickun and Waffles. 

10. Spartan Pizza

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 Feeling like you want to eat lighter, but still want the something greasy? Order a 10" Athena pizza if you don't want to be disappointed, or if you're feeling more meaty, try the specialty Hercules 10". Feeling frisky? Try it half and half. 

Greasy food is always the answer.

 When in doubt, choose greasy food. It doesn't matter if you've been studying for 10 hours straight and you're ready for a break, you've been out all night and need some grub, or you're just ready for some lunch. Motivate yourself to eat the food you want the most.