When you think about ice cream, what is it that does it for you? Is it the creamy texture that melts at its first interaction with your tongue? Is it the cold sensation that runs down your throat after each spoonful? Or is it the incredible sweet taste that never fails to satisfy your taste buds?

Well, guess what—you're far from alone in craving the dreamy food, but eating ice cream each and every time that wave of temptation crashes on you isn't so good for your body. There are much healthier ways to get the same satisfaction and without gaining the freshman 15 because of it.

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Substituting ice cream for more fruit-heavy treats can be an important part of a healthy lifestyle because, metabolically, your body breaks down fruit differently than ice cream. The fiber and nutrients from the fruit help your body convert the sugar into energy whereas ice cream doesn't contain any fiber, thus allowing your body to break down the sugar immediately into fat, dramatically raising your blood sugar levels (think diabetes). Wait what?! 

Here are some fun and frozen substitutions for ice cream when the craving hits.

Frozen Berries

Take your favorite berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries) and freeze them in your dorm building's kitchen freezer or your tiny mini fridge-freezer that doesn't really work.

Once they are fully frozen, take them out as a quick snack to satisfy your desire for something cold and your craving for something sweet. 

Frozen Banana 

In that same freezer, stick a banana there too! Once it is fully frozen you can add some peanut butter and/or Nutella to each bite. Whether you decide to add the extra spreads or not, you will still get that creamy and sugary satisfaction you taste buds are want and need.

Freeze Your Yogurt

No. This is not Frozen Yogurt from your campus union or local strip mall. This is your fave greek yogurt brand stuck in the freezer. This obvious alternative helps satisfy that creamy craving you so desperately want. If your freezer is too full with your berries and bananas, try eating your yogurt regular (from your refrigerator) and you'll get the same substitution result.  

#SpoonTip: try to limit your use of granola— sugar and carbs hide themselves in the tasty addition which would defeat your purpose of going healthy!

A Bowl of Fruit and Glass of Ice Cold Water 

This classic duo does it all. It gives you the flavor, the sweetness, and the coolness all in one go. I highly recommend this tasty combination, even when ice cream is not on your mind. 

When eating these frozen treats, make sure you are not adding extra sugar (ie too much Nutella). That will defeat the whole purpose of finding that healthy substitution for ice cream. If you still really love your ice cream— treat yourself to a special bowl once in a while. It is totally okay to eat it, just be mindful of how much and how often you are eating it.

After all, who could resist a masterpiece like this: 

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Anna Sokolowski