This year’s holiday season boasts Christmas songs, Christmas decorations, Christmas cookies, Christmas lights, Christmas shopping, Christmas caroling, Christmas sweaters…the list goes on and on. So much for the “Holiday Season.”  It’s time to expand our knowledge about another holiday: Hanukkah!

Hanukkah is the festival of lights and oil, so Jews consume as many deep-fried dishes as possible. Put your sweats on and prepare to indulge in these delicious recipes.

1. Latkes (aka amazing hash browns) – For a traditional take try Chow’s Potato Pancakes.


Photo by Tori Avey

2. Sweet Potato Latkes – Looking to spice up a classic? Make these delectable treats.


Photo by Multiply Delicious

3. Apple Sauce – Impress your friends with a heavenly homemade five-spice applesauce, fit for every type of latkes. Notice a trend here? Latkes are the sh*t!


Photo by Sing for Your Supper

4. Sufganiyots – Their name is hard to say, but they are simply jelly filled donuts! Surprise everyone with these delectable desserts.


Photo by Sweet Happy Life

5. Gelt (chocolate coins) – Learn how to play dreidel, and test your luck to win a pile of gelt.

Hanukkah gelt

Photo by Noah Bernamoff

This December, take time to remember that the holiday season is a great time to learn about other cultures and traditions around the world. Branch out and eat the world this holiday season. Share your newfound love for latkes, dreidels and jelly donuts with your friends and family!

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