Dear USC Dining Hall nerds and freshmen,

I am equipping you with one of the most magical and marvelous things you will need to get through your first year of college: a foolproof tour of the best and worst food in the USC Dining Halls. Curtesy of a bitter sophomore who has tried all of the nasty meat at EVK, picked through the burrito bowls in the village, and dissected every pizza slice from Parkside. Take it from me - this food tour is one you will want to take again and again. 

If you have a dining plan or want to get one, find out the best USC dining fit for you here

To get the complete lowdown on all the Dining hall goodness, we will talk about the five crucial meals of the day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and midnight snack. 

1. Breakfast

Maya Vyas

We are going to start out our day and our food tour at Parkside Cafe.

Blintzes and Chocolate Muffins are a perfect way to start your day. Make sure to grab a cup of orange juice to wash it all down. 

2. Lunch

Let's move on to McCarthy Dining Hall!

Get a piece of sourdough bread, spread on some pesto and layer with a white slice of cheese. Put it on top of the bar and they will grill it into a cheese bread perfection.

Maya Vyas

On top of that, get some greens and add some craisins, nuts and balsamic vinegar as dressing to get some super food to get you through the day. 

3. Dinner

EVK is the most consistent dining hall and can be a godsend when you just want a safe and hearty dinner. Just go up to the hot bar (where the pizza is) and ask for a burger (can be turkey or veggie as well).

Maya Vyas

The burger is super good and will fill you up - leaving room, of course, for dessert. 

4. Dessert

My personal favorite time of the day will take you back to McCarthy Dining Hall. Get into the line for the crepes and prepare to celebrate.

Maya Vyas

I have tried so many combos of fillings and have come to the conclusion that a chocolate lovers crepe is the way to go -- coconut, chocolate chips, and a little bit of brown sugar with Nutella and whipped cream drizzled over. Get a banana from the counter next to the stand and ask them to cut it up and put it inside as well. It will literally blow your mind. 

Then, walk off your meal by heading to Parkside and getting a frozen yogurt cone.

Maya Vyas

#SpoonTip: Put a chocolate cupcake upside down in your cone and swirl over chocolate or vanilla ice cream on top. 

5. Midnight Snack

We have come to the end of the tour, my friends, and for this one we are going out with a TREAT. Head to Late Night EVK, open from 11pm-12am. It is accessible on the other side of EVK past Birnkrant, turning right until you get to the opposite entrance of New North.

Maya Vyas

The hot dogs, nachos, and pizza are always a hit - but, personally, I want to end the day by stealing a chocolate chip cookie and warming up back at my dorm. 

Melt in your mouth delicious.