The birds are chirping, the flowers have bloomed, and the leaves on the trees have grown – this can only mean one thing. Summer is almost here. Mother nature has decided to turn up her thermostat, and we are no longer laying on our couch under a pile of blankets, eating a piping hot bowl of soup to try to regain feeling in our limbs after a walk outside.

Yes, we might have ditched the parkas and beanies for our Birkenstocks and favorite sundresses, but our cravings for our favorite winter comfort foods don’t stop once the warmer months come along. The only thing wrong with those foods is that they are primarily warm. They don’t necessarily serve as refreshing eats, something we’d normally be craving after laying by the pool all day.

Alas, we have the solution. Here are some easily prepared foods that will serve as summertime alternatives to your favorite winter comfort food. Hot chocolate 365, people.

When You’re Craving Warm Chicken Noodle Soup…


Photo by Piril Dobrucali

Gazpacho is a quick and easy substitute to any of your favorite wintertime soups. It is a chilled soup made with a base of tomato juice, cucumbers, onions, and peppers. It is nothing but refreshing after you’ve been outside all day bathing in the heat. Find a quick and easy recipe here.

When You’re Craving a Bowl of Hot Oats…


Photo by Maggie Harriman

Parfaits are the way to go if you wake up wanting to turn on the stove to make some steel cut oats. There is nothing better than a fresh bowl of fruit over a bed of cold greek yogurt topped with homemade granola. The limitless combinations of different ways to construct your parfait are endless. Find recipes for clutch combos here.

When You’re Craving a Silky Smooth Cup of Hot Chocolate…


Photo by Karina Rao

Take it and make your favorite hot beverage frozen with this recipe. It’s that simple.

When You’re Craving a Gooey, Fresh Out of the Oven Twice Baked Potato…


Photo by Hayden Carder

Don’t get me wrong, nothing is better than a baked potato, covered in cheese, and then baked again, but potato salad is a “healthier” way to get those carbs (and you know we love our carbs).Try this recipe for a lighter, more refreshing potato dish.

#SpoonTip: Potato salad can turn into a caloric mess, so be careful. Stick to recipes using veggies, spices, and olive oil.

When You’re Craving a Hearty Serving of Pasta with Marinara and Meatballs…


Photo by Lily Allen

Now I know it’s not exactly the same, but pasta salad can be a healthy alternative to that hot and creamy bowl of fettuccine alfredo. Throw in some fresh veggies, olive oil, top it with parmesan, and stick it in the fridge. You’ve got yourself a heaping plate of pasta (minus the added calories from the sauce, which is perfect for bikini season).

Pasta salad is a lighter version of the classic marinara and meatballs, and it will leave your stomach feeling pleased rather than bloated and on its way to a bought of indigestion. Prep it the night before, and take it to lunch the next day with this recipe.

When You’re Craving Mom’s Homemade Spinach Artichoke Dip…


Photo by Nina Lincoff

Light and refreshing, hummus is packed with nutrients and protein that your summer bod with thank you for. Pair it with your favorite spread of veggies, and you’ve got yourself a healthy and rejuvenating snack. Ditch that store bought stuff, and make it yourself with this recipe. It’s easier than you think. Seriously.

When You’re Craving a Warm Slice of Apple Pie…


Photo by Taylor Widom

I’m not even going to argue with you. A slice of fresh out of the oven apple pie drizzled with cinnamon sauce is one of the best creations known to mankind. But, wait – that treat doesn’t have to be reserved for cold months alone. The food gods have heard our pleads for summer pies and have given us this apple pie ice cream sandwich. To make it yourself, check it out here.