Trader Joe's: a neighborhood hotspot for most, a healthy option for some, and a place full of hidden gems for all. As a college student in the middle of a pandemic, finding safe adventures is tough; at times, even impossible. Lucky for us, every Trader Joe's aisle (who knew more than the frozen food section existed!) is waiting to sponsor your ideal picnic.

To kick off the perfect picnic, I'd say fresh meats and cheeses are an essential. Charcuterie Boards have finally launched their affordable comeback tour since their tragic falling off. From aged cheeses to cured meats, focaccia bread, and a every cracker type imaginable, Trader Joe's has every component you need to set up the simple or elaborate perfect board. 

Some Charcuterie Board Inspo:

Eu Giampetruzzi

To get to the final result similar to the ones above, three types of cheese, meats, and fruits are needed. 

1. Cheese

Basic Rules for Charcuterie Board cheeses include something aged, something soft, and something firm. Each works differently together to provide mouth watering contrast. Here are some of my favorites:

Brie (Soft Cheese)

Eu Giampetruzzi

The French soft cow's-milk cheese adds the perfect creamy flavor to your board. 

Manchego (Aged Cheese)

A Spanish Sheep's cheese aged for twelve months before coming to a Trader Joe's shop near you.

Dutch Gouda (Firm Cheese)

This Dutch Gouda Cheese adds the final needed component to your board. It's made of pasteurized cow’s milk & matured on wooden boards for a minimum of 10 months before coming to you. 

For more Cheese Options check out @traderjoescheese on Instagram to expand your selection!

2. Meat

The next needed component is the meats. General rules here are something whole and something cured. 

Prosciutto Crudo or Jamon Serrano (Something Whole) 

One of the most globally recognized items in both Italian and Spanish cuisine. Prosciutto crudo is thinly sliced and served undercooked. Jamon Serrano is a more dry-cured ham. 

Spanish Chorizo or Salchichon (Something Cured)

Spanish Chorizo includes pork, well-seasoned with garlic, pimenton (smoked paprika,) and salt. Salchichon focuses on more lean pork and less variating spices. 

Trader Joe's makes this process even easier with a deli selection pack that includes everything you need.  

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3. Fruit

When you're feeling extra lazy after assembling your tasty charcuterie board, the next best place to go is TJ's pre packaged fruit section to add some color to the spread. It's an amazing healthy summer and fall snack that also comes without the hassle of cutting your own fruit.


Mangos provide a creamy, fruity, floral, and sweet flavor to your bored.

Eu Giampetruzzi


Eu Giampetruzzi

Raspberries have a tart and sweetness necessary to contrast the rich meats and cheeses on the board.

Throw in your favorite bread, crackers, and wine to pull it all together! This perfect board provides a tasty picnic option for every season, all thanks to Trader Joe's.