Syllabus week is a blessed gift from professors who understand the absolute struggle, but necessity, to rally all week. No questions asked. But one thing that people who don't go to Syracuse University don't understand is: our time is freaking limited. The nights where we actually have the option to wear a skirt, jeans, shirt (pretty much anything but a Canada Goose) and not freeze our asses off late at night are absolutely, positively, numbered. I can understand that syllabus week is an amazing week on all campuses worldwide. But in Syracuse, NY, if we don't spend this time wisely, we'll eventually die of trying to force ourselves to go out in -10 degree weather. 

So, the professors sympathize with us. They understand that in nearly a month, we'll become pale, dry-skinned, depressed hermits that refuse to go outside unless they're hopping into an Uber. We, Syracuse students, rally hard this week, because this is it. Truly, this is the final goodbye to our summer tans, our ability to wear whatever we want with no fear of getting frostbite, our summer daze attitude, along with zero regrets of going out on a Tuesday. 

But rumor has it, if you rally a full week with no break of booze, it's not healthy. It's my third day and I'm already ill. I know multiple people who've already had meltdowns and another handful who've already spent hours hovered over a toilet. Sylly week is great and all, but you gotta be safe and sylly simultaneously. Read Lilith's tips to syllying safely enough so you can actually live to see the rest of fall semester xoxo.

1. Stay Hydrated

Nobody's just saying this to say this. It's extremely important (especially if you're running around on campus nonstop) to stay hydrated. You should be drinking eight 8-ounce glasses per day, or more if you're drinking alcohol. If you're drinking alcohol, consider a glass of water per drink. If you want to avoid getting headaches, feeling nauseous, achy and gross, stay hydrated not only before you go out, but during your night out as well. Water will not make you less drunk, nor will it protect your liver. But, yes, it will make you just a little bit closer to feeling 100% the next day. 

2. Never Hit Up Old Acquaintances that Ended Badly

Whether it was a disastrous ex-roommate, a bad friendship, a bad hookup, or a longtime ex, do everyone a favor and don't hit them up when you get back up to school. If any of these relationships ended badly, it's for a reason. This new semester is all about looking forward. No blasts from the pasts in syllabus week. Respect the path of fate and don't hit them up when you're drunk in Kimmel and starting to miss them. You'll thank me later.

3. Don't Skip your First Class for a Darty 

Sure, syllabus week is the week of absolute rally. But do you really want to start your year off that way? Get on your professor's good side and suck it up; show up to class, pay attention, and then maybe, if you're well-behaved, you'll deserve to rally later. 

4. Stay Hygienic AF

College is a petri dish. When students are moving in and coming back from God-knows-where, they're bringing in even more germs than ever. Students are exposed to international sicknesses, pinkeye (I've been there), colds (I'm there right now), freaking mono, etc. Wash your hands, constantly. You're touching doorknobs, moving into a room that's been building up dust all summer, working out in a gym that's probably not the most sanitary, and eating food in dining halls that are shared by everyone. Purell it up, keep your room clean, wash your hands, and take a shower after you've been out in a yucky frat. 

5. Respect and Read the Syllabus. 

The professors are giving you this immense packet of paper for a reason. They're preparing you for what's to come and what to expect if you're hungover one day and you miss an assignment. They're honestly doing you a favor. Respect syllabus week, read the content in the class, and read the consequences of missing something. If you hate everything that's on it, this is your chance to drop out before classes even start. 

6. Pregame with Protein, not Carbs

During my freshman year I thought that carb-ing TF out beforehand was going to save me from a bad night. And yes, it's true. Carbs can absorb alcohol and cure your craving. However, carbs provide little nutritional value, which isn't the best for when you can hardly walk in a straight line on Comstock Ave. Do your body a favor and eat lean protein. It's said by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' spokesperson, Torey Jones Armul M.S., R.D.,  that protein controls blood alcohol levels and provides high nutrition. Kimmel can be avoided if you make sure to get a nutritious dinner before going out.  

7. Strong Hearts will do the Hungover Trick 

If you wake up with a bad hangover and have to get to class, Strong Hearts is your wake-up call. Instead of eating empty-calorie breakfasts like a bagel or a waffle, hit up Strong Hearts' smoothies or milkshakes. My favorites are either the Immunity or Strawberry Banana. This vegan hot-spot on the Syracuse campus serves nutritious, organic, and delicious drinks for when you need a boost of energy in the morning. 

8. Cure your Drunk Cravings and Eat these Healthy Snacks

It's proven by scientists that alcohol stimulates your appetite in a way that makes you crave fatty, salty foods. It's no wonder you wander into Kimmel at 3am. Alcohol is adding enough calories into your body, so if you're dying for a late-night snack, eat a healthy one. Some "healthier" snacks I personally suggest are whole wheat crackers, whole wheat toast (go light on the butter), cereal, popcorn, tortilla chips or bananas. If you desperately need a Kimmel meal, try a grilled chicken sandwich, soup, or veggie pizza. These are all better bets than waffle fries or fatty, cheesy quesadillas (could so go for one right now though). 

9. Look out for Your Friends, as They Would You 

Going out is fun and all, until you lose your friends and worry about where they are. They're too drunk to text, plus it's too loud in the frat to hear them over a phone call. Stick to a buddy system and always make sure your friends are making good decisions. Plus, make sure they're looking out for you too! If you're having a bad night, you need friends who will help you through it, not ditch you because you're getting sick. There's a safe way to have fun, and this is it. You'll thank me once you're not wandering aimlessly upstairs in a frat hoping your friend hasn't been kidnapped.

10. Listen to Your Body 

Are you getting a headache? Are you getting sick? Do you not feel safe? If you're getting a knot in your stomach because you're not feeling well mentally or physically, listen to what your instinct is trying to tell you. Maybe it's time to call it a night. But don't worry, you'll have many more nights to look forward to.