I might have a Baking & Pastry Arts degree, but you don't have to have one to make a cake as beautiful as this one. Just follow these 5 easy steps. All you need to start are these 4 items to start creating culinary magic.


Two 8-inch cakes: you will need a box of cake mix in each pan. Simply follow the instructions provided on the back of the box. There is no need to make things complicated here.

8 cups of Frosting: you can buy one from the grocery store or make your own by following the recipe offered by Sugarhero

Offset Icing Spatula: you probably already have one, just check your baking 'toys'.                                                                     Turntable: which is a fancy word for a cake platform that spins.

Make that Cake and Make it Level

Michelle Cremone
Michelle Cremone

The actual cake is the base to your finished product. To get a perfect result, cut your cake into level portions. First, I cut off that ugly top part, the one that you get when using boxed cake mix. Then I cut the remaining portion of the cake in half. In my example, I used two 8-inch cakes. The crumbs can be reused to make cake pops or just for snacking while you're working ( that's my favorite part, duh?!). If you add any fillings push the top layer down into the filling firmly (be aware of potential spillage). This keeps the whole cake leveled in the end. Now build your cake by adding frosting between layers. This example cake has 4 total layers.

Crumb Coat

Michelle Cremone

Don't worry if your cake looks like a 2 year old did it, we're only doing a crumb coat! With this coat of frosting, try to get the edges as smooth as possible. Then put the cake in the fridge (or freezer) for at least 20 minutes. This allows the frosting to harden, getting it perfectly smooth. 

Build Your Sides

Michelle Cremone

Go above and beyond the top of your cake with your next layer of frosting. Now that the cake is nice and firm, don't be afraid to add some extra frosting! The more the better, that's my Golden Rule. This is the biggest secret for getting the corners on the top of your cake crisp and sharp.

Wet Spatula?

Michelle Cremone

Now you need to use a wet your spatula. I like to use hot water, it melts the butter in the frosting a little. Make sure you're constantly wiping off any excess buttercream from your spatula. this will keep the whole experience less messy.

#SpoonTip: don't use a dripping wet spatula, make sure it's damp (and warm).

Getting it 'Edgy'

Michelle Cremone

Now that we have silky smooth sides, we are moving onto the top (I said it)! That is the final step in making that cake perfect. You're gonna bring all the excess buttercream toward the center on your cake. Scoop up the extra buttercream and clean your spatula completely before moving to the next section! Finally hold your spatula at a slight angle and give the cake a final spin!

Smooth Finished Product

Michelle Cremone
Michelle Cremone

We're done! Doesn't it look beautiful? We told you that you didn't need a degree to bake a beautiful cake like the one in the picture. To view the full video of me making it, follow us on Instagram and watch the step-by-step process we've provided!

Don't Forget to Decorate!

Michelle Cremone
Priscilla Gonzalez

For these decorations I airbrushed the cake blue, rolled out white fondant, and cut out the Spoon University logo out of it. You can just stick the fondant decorations right onto the cake and Instagram the hell out of it!  Make a cake today!