Presented by Spoon University x Food Network Kitchen 

Show of hands, who has tried to make an Instagram-worthy avocado toast at home? Everyone? Yep, me too. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always failed at this. Each time I try and fail to slice my avocado into perfect pieces, I wonder if the problem is my avocado, my knife, or me? Then I stumbled upon his knife hacks video from Food Network Kitchen chef Jet Tila, who showed me how to make perfect avo toast every single time. Plus, the video includes hacks for dealing with some other tricky foods. Psst, to keep all of your cooking needs in one place, claim your 30-day free trial, here when you download the app.

1. Slicing an Avocado

Step 1: Cut the avocado in half lengthwise by rolling the knife around the pit.

Step 2: Deseed the avocado using the heel of the knife and twisting

Step 3: Place the avocado flat-side down and cut off each tip.

Step 4: You should then be able to easily peel the skin off the avocado

Step 5: Slice the avocado with the tip of the knife on the cutting board

Step 6: Push the avocado slices in one direction to create that beautiful avocado fan

Step 7: Use your knife (carefully!) to pick up all the slices and transfer to your toast

2. Slicing Cherry Tomatoes

Step 1: Place one container top right-side-up

Step 2: Put tomatoes on the container top

Step 3: Place another container top bottom-side-up on top of the tomatoes

Step 4: Hold down the lid with one hand and slice the tomatoes, holding the knife horizontally.

3. Slicing Corn On The Cob

Step 1: Place one small bowl upside-down inside a larger bowl.

Step 2: Place the ear of corn on top of the smaller bowl, with the larger side down.

Step 3: Cut the kernels off the cob vertically 

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