Are you getting sick of your everyday eats and want to try something else? Trust me, we've all been there and I can seriously relate to this food crisis. Every week, I have the same three meals, and am always looking for a new meal to spice it up. Is the chicken you've been eating "sketchy" or not how you like it? You probably need omega-3 IQ chicken.

If you're like me and want to try something new for your daily meals, then Murray's Omega 3 IQ-Chicken is right up your ally. Filled with a ton of nutrients and benefits, you can never go wrong with this up-and-coming chicken brand. Omega 3 IQ has a ton of benefits compared to unhealthy, mild, and meaty chicken brands. If your'e in your apartment and want to prepare a quick meal, Murray's Chicken does the job.

Murray's Chicken, a family owned company operated in the Catskill Mountains has been around for over 60 years! Murray's Chicken is humanely raised chicken and is the first in their industry to be given the Certified Humane label! Their latest product, Omega 3 IQ Chicken, contains high levels of health benefits including cardiovascular and brain/visual health.

Omega-3 IQ Chicken can be best added with a fresh plate of veggies and fish like honey dijon glazed salmon and a burrito mix. Dr. Oz even has reported around all the hype with Omega-3.  More and more food markets are introducing Murray's Omega-3 IQ Chicken, and if you're in the area, so check them out if you are in the area!

Murray's Omega 3 IQ Chicken can be mixed in with other recipes like chicken salad sandwich and black pepper and walnut crusted chicken. Omega 3 can even be added in fruit smoothies with flax seeds for a quick breakfast meal.

Next time you're looking for a new option of what to eat, turn to Murray's Omega-3 IQ Chicken as a fresh healthy alternative!