#1 Stuffing 

There is no other Thanksgiving food that could be first on this list. Everyone loves the eclectic mixture of bread goodness, buttery flavor and whatever eclectic add-ins please your heart. I refuse to believe there are people that do not enjoy stuffing and if there are I don't need them in my life. Stuffing doesn't feed the stomach, it feeds the heart. 

Don't skimp this year with this delicious traditional stuffing recipe by the Food Network. 

#2 Green Bean Casserole 

I'll admit, green bean casserole isn't the prettiest dish or the most appealing one at first glance. It consists of cream of mushroom soup, fried onions and green beans; I don't blame anyone who has been skeptical to try it. But it's more delicious than it looks! I ain't never going to stop lovin' you... green bean casserole. 

Plant based? Try this amazing vegan and gluten free version by @hummusapien 

#3 Candied Sweet Potatoes 

Top them with a pecan crumble, top them with marshmallows, don't top them with anything... I DON'T CARE as long as they're at the dinner table when I sit down. The finger-licking goodness of the maple brown sugar flavor paired with the saltiness of baked sweet potatoes is the perfect marriage for a holiday treat. 

These pecan crumble-topped sweet potatoes made by @cremedelacrumb are sure to be a crowd pleaser. 

#4 Dinner Rolls

Dinner rolls are without a doubt the most underrated part of Thanksgiving dinner. Homemade or store-bought or even from that scary container you have to pop to get open, these are the true MVP of the day. There is nothing quite like using them to sop up some left over gravy or even to make a mini stuffing sandwich because let's be real, the options are endless. Pillsbury Dough Boy, keep these coming. 

Feeling creative? Try these vegan sweet potato dinner rolls by @thecurriouschickpea this T-day! 

#5 Mashed Potatoes 

Here is where we start getting to the more blasé items on the list. With all the squash and potato alternatives nowadays, regular mashed potatoes really just aren't doing it for us anymore. In my opinion, I would much rather have some butternut squash or sweet potato rather than the plain jane alternative. To some, this classic is necessary but count me out (unless they're smothered in gravy). 

To fight the bore of regular mashed potatoes, try this variation by the Cooking Channel

#6 Cranberry Sauce

I do not like them from a can, I do not like them in a pan... Okay, you get the idea but I really have never liked this fruity Thanksgiving food. It's always either too tart or too sweet, and surely I'm not the only one who thinks so. Save the fruit for dessert. I know I will! 

Add a mix this Thanksgiving and try this orange-infused version by @onelovelylife1  instead of the canned version.

#7 Turkey

I already know I'm going to get hate from this one but this is my least favorite item every year. And no, it's not because I'm vegan/vegetarian (recently yes, but not in years past), and it's not because my Uncle Tom tries to deep fry it every year without success. It's because it's usually dry (let's be honest this happens when cooking for a large crowd), it's usually the last thing to go on my plate and it's usually the LAST thing  I want when I have a delectable plate of sides and delicious food. Opinions aside, the turkey is not what everyone is there for and we all know it! I would be perfectly happy if "Turkey Day" became "Stuffing Day" and all of the turkeys out there got a new chance at life.

This year pick a hearty "main" dish such as a turkey stuffed acorn squash from @skinnytaste or if plant based, this quinoa stuffed recipe from The Spruce. 

Food aside, this holiday is about so much more. Enjoy time with family, remain thankful and never forget that the best meal is the one you spend with those you love.