The college budget is real. Don't let your lack of funds stop your inner foodie from exploring delicious cuisines. Here are the best apps for college foodies. 


Snackpass is a mobile app started by a Yale student that makes ordering out easier and often cheaper. Many restaurants run promotional discounts to people who use the app. Students can cut the lines at their favorite restaurants instead of waiting for delivery, as well as get discounts for sharing their referral codes with their friends. The more you order with Snackpass, the more rewards you get for discounts on certain restaurants near you. There is also a social aspect to the app. Users are able to share their rewards with their friends as well as receive them for themselves. That, combined with its numerous deals at student favorites make it one of the best apps for college foodies. For exclusive discounts, use code: spoonuniversity.


This app is the best of both worlds: food and fitness. In an effort to encourage college students to maintain an active lifestyle, Plyo tracks and rewards students for the time they spend at the gym. For the time you spend working out (you get bonus points for working out with a friend!), Plyo gives you points. These points can then be used towards discounts to local and online stores and restaurants. Some of the many companies that reward students through this app are Amazon, Garmin, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, and Salads UP. What are you waiting for? Get to the gym and then reward yourself with a delicious snack. 


Similarly to Plyo, Merci360 uses a points system to reward people for leaving reviews for everyday services they encounter. Review workout instructors, lobby secretaries, or even dorm buildings to rack up points. Let your voice be heard as a consumer and show your appreciation for the people and places in your community. These points can then be used for free things or discounts to workout classes, restaurants, and other gifts. Go say thanks, or should I say "Merci". 


Out of shampoo? Craving a late night pint of ice cream? goPuff is here for any and all convenience needs delivered right to your dorm. This is perfect for late night necessities or lazy days when you can't get yourself to walk to the store. Not only does goPuff deliver any kind of snack and treat you can think of, but they also deliver items such as medicine, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and even pet food! Want $20 of free goPuff? Use code: GOMQ1Z4NX. 


Hungry? Download the Hooked app for the best savings at the best restaurants in your college town. Hooked is equipped with a handy map that shows you all the restaurants in your proximity that are offering deals with them. To unlock the deal, all you have to do is slide the screen and show your phone to the cashier. Piece of cake. Plus, it literally can be used to buy a piece of cake. YUM! 

Now you have no excuse for paying full price or walking long distances to a local convenience store. College is expensive, but your food shouldn't be. Treat yourself to something special with the money you save from these best apps for college foodies. Enjoy these best apps for college foodies. Happy saving!