As I study miles away from UC Berkeley, like many other students, I often reminisce about being on campus. I especially miss the breaks between classes where I would grab a quick snack from a nearby cafe to enjoy during my next lecture. Though nothing could beat the excitement while eating a morning bun from Tartine or a chocolate chip cookie from Cafe Blue Door, I decided early in the semester that I would try to create snacks that would bring me that same feeling of joy. Here are my top three favorite creations. The best part about them is that they are all ten-minute snacks.

Oreo Mug Cake

coffee, espresso, milk, cappuccino, chocolate, cream, mocha
Megan Clarkson

When the assignments and midterms are piling up, desserts are my go-to snack. However, they also are some of the most complex and time-consuming treats to make. One day, while eating Oreos, I found a simple, yet delicious, recipe: a two-ingredient Oreo Mug cake, made with just Oreos and milk. I usually add six Oreos, three tablespoons of almond milk, and a fourth teaspoon of baking powder into a mug and microwave it. 90 seconds later, a warm and gooey mug cake is ready for me to enjoy! Sometimes, I add fudge sauce before and after microwaving or eat it without any toppings. Either way, this recipe is a delicious and easy rendition of a mug cake with basic ingredients.

#SpoonTip: I would also venture out and try this recipe with other Oreo flavors such as Strawberry Shortcake or Pumpkin Spice.

MYO Breakfast Sandwich

bagel, lettuce, bun, sandwich, cheese
Gillian Bayer

Breakfast sandwiches were my favorite part of walking to campus for an 8 AM. Berkeley's variety of breakfast sandwiches were never boring or repetitive. However, after consistently eating a bagel with plant-based cream cheese at home, I began to miss the textures and different flavors of a breakfast sandwich, from Cafe Milano's to Cracked. I began experimenting with my bagel by adding cucumbers, tomatoes and onions, and a variety of tangy chutneys to enhance my version of a breakfast sandwich in under ten minutes. If tomatoes or cucumbers are not in your palate, try different jams and fruits with cream cheese to make a totally different flavor. You can even skip the cream cheese altogether and try new toppings to make the sandwich salty, savory, or even sweet.

Customizable Trail Mix

nut, sweet, dried fruit, almond, cereal, walnut, raisin, granola
Sophie Pinton

Chips have always been my go-to when I want a quick and easy snack that satisfies my salt cravings. Since I am staying at home and inactive for most parts of the day, I wanted to find a healthier alternative.  I deduced that it was not the texture of the chips that I was craving, it was the salt. And I realized I can get a moderate amount of salt in many other snacks, including trail mix. Inspired by my mother’s trail mix, Indian “Cereal Chivda,” I made my own version, similar to this recipe. I usually combine cornflakes, rice krispies, and roasted peanuts along with salt and red chili powder. If red chilies or even salt are not your preference, there are many different ways to make trail mix that are all great to substitute for chips, and quick to whip up.

The best part about all of these snacks is that they are all versatile, so you can build them to your taste. Personally, I love eating food that has the same basic ingredients but has different flavors by changing a few things here and there. I know this semester is unlike any other and like most of you, I miss Berkeley from across the country. I hope these ten-minute snacks are a viable substitute for all the great places Berkeley has to offer.