Whether you've been at Washington and Lee University for three weeks or three years, we all know that d-hall sandwiches can get monotonous. Try these six tricks and twists to take your C-grade meal to the A plus that will make even your toughest professor proud.

1. It's All About That Base

wheat, toast, bread, cereal, rye, flour
Aakanksha Joshi

Sometimes a sandwich on some plain, white bread can really hit the spot, but when you want something different, one of the easiest upgrades can be the bread. If you're in the mood for wheat or grain, ask for some super healthy Ezekiel bread or charitably owned Dave's Killer bread. They offer a bit more flavor than your average slice. Wheat, spinach and tomato wraps are also a great way to go, especially if you love piling on the veggies. Want something heartier? Go for a nice, buttery croissant. No matter what you choose, get it toasted for some added crunch. (Expert tip: If you want the cheese completely melted, ask for your sandwich to be toasted twice!)

2. There's More Than Just Cheddar

dairy, dairy product, milk, cheese, pepper jack, slices
Caroline Ingalls

Yes, cheddar can taste good on almost any sandwich, but did you know that d-hall carries a vast assortment of other cheeses? On your next sandwich try havarti to add creaminess, pepper jack for some spice, provolone if you're feeling sharp, or blue cheese to pack a little punch. Feeling nostalgic? Go for a nice slice of American, just like you had in elementary school. Dairy free? Don't worry! There are so many other options to make your d-hall sandwiches as amazing as possible.

3. Look Around

vegetable, pepper, onion, carrot, broccoli, tomato, stir-fry
Christin Urso

You aren't confined to the toppings on the sandwich station when building your creation. Feeling like a quesadilla? Grab some black beans and salsa to put inside. Do the roasted veggies look phenomenal? Add those to your sandwich! Want to try some mac and cheese in it one day? The dining hall is your oyster, and your two slices of bread, your clam. 

4. Get Saucy

herb, vegetable, pesto, spinach, oil
Ellen Gibbs

It's common knowledge that everyone hates the word "moist," but no one likes a dry sandwich. Sure, you could ask for some mayo, but there are so many potions that are much more fun. Try some oil and vinegar, ranch, horseradish, honey mustard or my personal favorite, pesto.

5. Chips Are Key

chips, salt, potato, sweet, corn, tortilla chips
Jane Yeo

Chips are always great with d-hall sandwiches, but what about in one? Add some nice crunch by throwing them in between two slices of bread. This applies to tortilla chips and pretzels, too! You'll be glad you tried it. (Want a healthier option? Go to the allergen-free section and grab some dried chickpeas. They're so much better than they sound.)

6. Don't Forget About The Sides

salad, vegetable
Danielle Cahoon

Sure, sandwiches are great, but pairing one with an substantial side makes it so much better. Since you're already putting chips in your d-hall sandwiches, maybe go for a salad. The salad of the day often has fresh fruits and house dressings you can't find anywhere else in d-hall. If you're searching for something on the sweeter side, don't forget about the fruit and nut butter! 

Navigating d-hall and trying to find something different can seem more intimidating than that paper worth 40 percent of your final grade. Use some of these twists, and you'll never have to settle for a boring sandwich again.