Every year on the third Monday of April, the city of Boston is on holiday. This year was the 120th anniversary, but just like every other year, college kids and families alike lined the 26.2 miles throughout the Boston area and watched athletes run the prestigious race.

With the streets closed and classes cancelled, there is only one logical way to spend your day. Follow along for my eight step guide to surviving Marathon Monday (if you aren’t running).

1. Prepping is crucial

Marathon Monday

Photo by Sydney Hughes

Get your hands on a trendy Marathon Monday tank and bucket hat if you are feeling adventurous. Remember, the Northeast in April is unpredictable. Be sure to pack your sunscreen, rain boots and all your patriotic gear. (It is Patriot’s Day, after all.)

2. OJ is a major key

Marathon Monday

Photo by Jocelyn Hsu

Buy out all the orange juice in the dining hall. I recommend beginning a week in advance, but a day will work too. If you aren’t a mimosa person, reassess your priorities, or grab your go-to morning beverage.

3. Catch some Z’s

Marathon Monday

Gif courtesy of giphy.com

Get to bed early Sunday night, or don’t go to bed at all. There will be a strict 6:30 am wake-up call, followed by an appropriate amount of pregaming before lining up on Commonwealth Avenue.

4. Commence the celebration

Marathon Monday

Photo by Sarah Bundra

Start with a dining hall muffin, pop the champagne and get your game face on. Hopefully your winning career includes a beer pong championship, flip cup team placings and plenty of slaps to the bag. Don’t forget to be thankful for no classes, college friends all around you and the 120-year-old celebration of the fastest runners.

5. Be truly amazed

Marathon Monday

Gif courtesy of tumblr.com

There will be over 500,000 spectators, making the Boston Marathon the most widely viewed sporting event in New England. First, the mobility-impaired start their 26-mile journey, followed by the push-rim wheelchair men and women, the hand-cyclers and then the truly elite men and women. Hand them some well deserved high fives and breathe in the Marathon Monday experience.

6. Get some swag


Marathon Monday

Photo by Kristine Mahan

Take advantage of my two all-time favorite words: “free” and “stuff.” There are vendors set up around campus just waiting for you to come try their brownies or spin their prize wheel. Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner college kid and bounce in the trampolines or take on the bouncy castle.

7. Take a Marathon Monday nap

Marathon Monday

Gif courtesy of giphy.com

Nothing is more satisfying than a much deserved rest in the mid afternoon. Whether you are sleeping on the couch, floor or twin bed with an illegal mattress cover, your eyes will appreciate every second of it.

8. Back to reality


Enjoy a dinner full of carbs (it is still marathon Monday). Then catch up on your school emails and contemplate doing homework. Finally, prepare yourself for a wonderful four-day week.

As this 2016 holiday has already come to a close, it is never to early to start planning for next years’ third week in April. Don’t forget to thank your Boston College friends, pick up your trash on the street and get pumped for Boston Marathon 2017.