Delivery through Hungry Ducks is always a good time but it doesn’t always have to pack on the calories. Hungry Ducks allows you to order food online or through their app and delivers food to you anywhere in Eugene- great for those with limited transportation options, no time or no energy. Here are some of the most popular places to grab some grub in Eugene and the healthiest options they offer that won’t break your swimsuit bod. Although healthy means something different to everyone, I don’t think food should make you feel like you just ate a slice of pizza off the floor when you don’t remember ordering any.


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Original Pancake House

Fiesta Bowl, The Special, Fresh Vegetarian Omelette, Fresh Berries in Season, Buckwheat Waffle, Buckwheat Pancakes, Sourdough Flap Jacks

These options will leave you full without the added calories, sugar and fat the rest of the menu offers. Keep in mind, OPH serving sizes are enormous, so maybe plan on this feeding you for two meals.

Wild Duck Cafe

Nancy’s Yogurt Bowl, Steel Cut Irish Oats

Simple, filling and starting your day with fiber and protein never hurt anybody!


Granola Parfait, Toast with Fruit

Vero’s parfait and toast with fruit are simple, low calorie and you can eat it with the satisfaction that it wasn’t a simple-carb bagel.


Mediterranean or Greek Scramble, Tofu Scramble, Veggie Lovers Burrito

Caspian’s offers vegetable, tofu and meat plates that will cure your hangover cravings without the grease that would make you sick all over again.



Wild Duck Cafe

House Salad, Fresh Grilled Salmon

The Wild Duck’s fresh grilled salmon and house salad fills your veggie quota and supplies your body with Omega-3s.


Turkey Basil Panini, Veggie Panini, Vero Salad

Vero’s lunch options are great for keeping you full, knowing that all the ingredients in the food are fresh and full of protein.


Gyros Salad, Persian Soup, Chicken Kabob, Grilled Veggies over Rice

Caspian’s lunch options also help you stay full until dinner, saving you the calories from all your afternoon Pringles snacking.

Bon Mi

Banh Mi Salad, Tofu Pho

Bon Mi’s salad and pho are perfect after a long morning when you need to replenish your electrolytes.  High in lean protein, just make sure you’re watching your sodium intake for the day!

Chula’s Cantina & Grill

Taco Salad, Fajitas

Taco salads and fajitas are much healthier than their breaded and tortilla counterparts, skipping the calories and carbs and replacing them with vegetables that are full of fiber.


Texas Roll, Ebi Roll, Nigiri, Sashimi

Sushi is always a go to if you need a refreshing meal without feeling bloated afterward. Getting rolls with vegetables instead of fried fish, and skipping the soy sauce, is the way to go!


Food, Hungry Ducks, Healthy, Delivery, Eugene

Photo courtesy of The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole

Classic Ice Tea, Ginger Tea, Green Tea Latte

Tea is a wonderful alternative to soda when water is simply too boring, just make sure no added sugar is being slipped into your drinks.

Wild Duck Cafe

Mountain Rose Organic Loose Tea

Organic tea is always the best tea.


Seasonal Fruit Smoothie, Matcha Smoothie

Fresh fruit smoothies are low calorie and skip all the sugar and additives of store bought ones.


Fresh Orange Juice

Who could say no to some much-needed Vitamin C?

Chula’s Cantina & Grill


Cinnamon supplies increased circulation and a metabolic boost, cocoa is full of fiber and soy milk gives horchata the protein to keep you full after your meal.

An honorable mention for beverages would have to be Townshend’s Tea downtown and in the new UO EMU, although they don’t deliver on Hungry Ducks be sure to check out their wide assortment of teas, spirits, and delicious kombucha.

These food options are perfect for study sessions, room service to your hotel room after a campus tour, or just when you want a little something. So go check out these hot spots in Eugene next time you’re out. Now go ahead and order without feeling the guilt of sleeping through all your 8am’s!