Long gone are the days of waiting 20 minutes for your barista to make you a pricey latte. International Delight released One Touche Latte earlier this year, a whipped cream-like substance that froths your coffee in seconds.

The latest invention has a quick two step process. First, brew your coffee then infuse your cup of joe with frothy deliciousness. It's that easy! 

This revolutionary creation comes in three flavors: Mocha, Vanilla, and Caramel.

The company recommends frothing for 5-7 seconds, but as a user myself, I think about 4 seconds does the job. The choice is yours—however much party you want in your cup!  

Compared to a $3.65 caffe latte at Starbucks or a $4.35 caffè mocha at Java House (for my Iowa City readers out there), One Touch Latte averages around $3-5 depending on what store you buy it from. But unlike these coffeehouses, you get multiple servings out of one bottle. That's a lot of Lincolns you're saving. 

International Delight claims that in one bottle you get seven servings, but from my own frothing experience, I have made at least 10 servings already.

International Delight offers many more products to go along with your instant latte. In fact, I definitely recommend adding your choice of creamer to your brew before frothing. My personal favorite? Mocha, hands down.  

This penny-saver will have your back when waking up late for class or work. At the same time, it will save you a run to your nearest coffee shop every morning. So basically, your mornings just got 10x better (and yummier).

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