Two years ago, I made a drastic change to my lifestyle: I began drinking over 100 ounces of water each day. This may seem excessive, but I noticed an almost instant change in my health. I frequently experienced headaches and, after increasing my intake of water, felt the pounding dwindle away. My skin received the largest impact; I noticed resiliency and a newfound glow to my complexion, and the surplus of water decreased my blemishes. I also became sick less often.

I’m not saying that water is a miracle substance, but I believe that there’s so much of it on this Earth for a reason. The motto I live by is simple: “Happy insides make for a happy outside.” This mantra was inspired by my water intake. Being hydrated facilitates many operations in the body, including kidney function. Although frequent trips to the bathroom are annoying, the benefits from being completely hydrated changed my life.

I hear the common phrase “water is BORING” all too often, but I beg to differ. Here are 8 yummy ways to spice up your water!

1. Mint: Add fresh mint leaves to your water. Mint aids in digestion and will also give your water a refreshing, invigorating taste!

2. Citrus: Oranges or lemons are great natural additions to water. Be sure to fully wash the skin before you plunk a slice into your drink because fruits are often covered in pesticides. This is a fact that’s generally missed but could definitely alter the water’s taste.

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Photo by Norah Cliff

3. Frozen Berries: Adding frozen fruits can cool and flavor your water. Raspberries, blueberries and strawberries are some of my favorites to add.

4. Cucumber: This addition might sound intriguing, but fresh, cool cucumber water feels like a day at the spa.

5. Apples and Cinnamon: It’s like pie but without the calories! Throw apple slices (don’t forget to thoroughly wash them) and ground cinnamon into your glass.

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Photo by Norah Cliff

6. Frozen Grapes and Frozen Watermelon: Again, these fruits will cool your water while adding new, natural flavors. These frozen fruits are tasty treats on their own (or try them as dessert substitutes in frozen yogurt.)

7. Peaches: This juicy fruit is guaranteed to add fresh flavor to your H2O.

8. Limes: A zesty twist to your water and a colorful addition that is undoubtedly refreshing and tart!

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Photo by Norah Cliff

Stay hydrated! You don’t know how much of a difference it makes until you try it. Try these fresh flavors, or get crafty and concoct your own!