Mothers are always making breakfast and feeding us snacks. It is our turn to treat her back this Sunday. NYU Spoon went around campus and asked students what they would make for their mothers if they can make anything in the world. If you’re Alain Ducasse or Jean-Georges Vongerichten, what would you make for your mom this Sunday?


Forrest Durell, Music Business, Steinhardt

“Breakfast in bed. My mom would be so happy to hear this.”

Photo by Andre Li


Sarah Aziza, Media, Culture, and Communication, Steinhardt

“Chocolate crepe. With fresh strawberries.”

“Sounds delicious!”


Photo by Andre Li

Adrian Yu, Cinema Studies, Tisch

“Blackened shrimp.”


Photo by Andre Li

Montserrat Yanez Bravo, Politics, CAS

“I am Mexican, so I will probably make chiles en nogada.”

“Wait, what is that?”

“Chile with meat, and some sauce made out of nuts. It usually has tiny fruits sprinkled over.”

Photo by Andre Li


Jacqui Chen, Economics, CAS

“Peach Flambé.”


Photo by Andre Li