One Fresh Cup is a coffee company that is one of few large makers of a revolutionary brewing concept that puts a twist to the classic drip coffee. They are known to produce portable sachets of grounded gourmet coffee beans, sealed in a nitrogen filled packaging, guaranteeing every brew to taste fresh. With these coffee sachets, you will no longer have to go through the process of grinding coffee beans and buying filter paper to get the same great tasting cup of joe you need to conquer the day.

Here's a step-by-step how-to guide on making a One Fresh Cup coffee, a new mobile drip coffee handy for college students. 

1. Pick a Flavor

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Shizuka Tei

While in the process of rebranding and testing new flavors, One Fresh Cup currently has five flavors of mobile drip coffee: Gayo (Sumatran Blend), Cerrado (Brazilian Blend), Sidamo (Ethiopian Blend), Decaf (Colombian Blend), and French Roast (Bold Blend). This brand definitely has your go-to Dark French Roast but I suggest branching out to Cerrado or Gayo! Or just cop the variety pack to try out all of their flavors.

2. Unpack the Coffee and Set It Up 

coffee, tea, chocolate
Shizuka Tei

Tear the plastic wrapping to reveal the coffee sachet. Tear the filter packet along the dotted line to reveal the coffee grounds. Detach the handles on each side and gently pull apart, then hang the handles on your mug. The website recommends to use an 8oz mug for their mobile drip coffee. 

3. Brew

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Shizuka Tei

Pour boiling water into the coffee slowly in a circular motion to ensure that all of the coffee grounds are brewed. Pour the water in short increments to allow the water to seep through the bag and to avoid water and coffee grounds from overflowing and getting into your mug. Only use one sachet per cup of coffee

#Spoon tip: To brew like an expert, keep in mind that coffee tastes best when the water is boiled is between 85-90 degrees Celsius.

One Fresh Cup does not have a physical store and primarily engages in business through e-commerce. In Asian countries such as Taiwan, Singapore, and the Philippines, customers can find One Fresh Cup products in local supermarkets and in Costco. For all of you tea lovers, One Fresh Cup also sells tea in the same mobile sachet. Each 10-pack box of coffee and tea retail for $15, but they are currently on sale for $11.95. One Fresh Cup also offers free shipping and generous deals. Check their website to order these innovative drip coffee and tea sachets today!