Fondue is more than a food. Fondue is an experience. It's also kind of intimidating. There are so many things to dip and types of chocolate to melt and you could never make fondue at home, right? 

Actually, you can, and you should. Fondue is so easy to make at home! Or anywhere! Spoon Macaulay made chocolate fondue on campus last Friday. All you need is hot water, a glass bowl, chocolate, and things to dip. 

It's Dippin' Time

The most difficult part is deciding what snacks to dip into chocolate!

After a quick run to Trader Joe's, we decided on strawberries, bananas, honey wheat pretzel sticks, Walkers shortbread, and chocolate chip cookie dunkers. We also used Trader Joe's giant Pound Plus milk and dark chocolate bars to melt. 

Joanne Rodriguez

Get Steamy

Fill your pot up about halfway with water and then heat it until it steams. Break up chocolate bars into small pieces (the smaller the pieces, the faster they melt—you could also just use chocolate chips!) and add the chocolate to a glass bowl. Place the glass bowl on top of the pot of hot water. Ideally, the bowl shouldn't touch the water. The heat from the water will melt the chocolate into gooey fondue goodness!

Christina Ramos

 ...Or you could microwave chocolate but that's way less fun. Also microwaves will heat it unevenly and you might burn your mouth and that's not fun at all.

Christina Ramos

You can check out more photos and videos from our Fondue Friday on our Instagram @spoon_macaulay!

Fondue? More like FUNdue

Fondue is amazing because the possibilities are endless. You can mix other toppings like caramel into the chocolate, dip new snacks, or even try melting something different like marshmallows or cheese.

I hope this inspires you to make some fondue with your friends soon. Enjoy!