I’m sure you have heard your share of “going abroad” stories. But, that’s not gonna stop me from telling you mine. While living in Panama for three months, I tasted some of the sweetest fruits in my life. Plump fruits bursted with juicy flavor and weighed down tree branches while basking in the sunlight. The papayas were to die for and the guanabanas were fun and exotic. My one true love, however, is the mango. Mangos with their golden flesh and robust, citrusy flavor; mangos that fell from a tree and landed in my backyard, just steps from the front door.

Now back in Binghamton, mangos don’t grow from trees. Luckily, they are still fairly easy to come by. You can find them at dining halls from time to time or at the local grocery store. My obsession with mangos followed me back to the States and into the kitchen.

Here are some very easy things to do with this versatile fruit. If you don’t already understand my love affair with mangos, give these simple combinations a shot and reassess how you feel.

Mango Salad: Combine one diced mango, one can of black beans, one can of corn, a handful of cilantro, one diced avocado, a tablespoon of olive oil and some salt and pepper.

Black Bean and Mango Salad...

Photo courtesy of Annie on Flickr

Coconut Sticky Rice: Make yourself this sweet dessert in 5 minutes with coconut milk, sweet rice and sugar. Don’t forget to top it off with some sliced mangos. Find the recipe here.

June 6, 2010

Photo courtesy of beaktude on Flickr

Mango Smoothie: Throw a mango in a blender with pretty much any fruit. I would highly recommend 1 mango, 1 banana, some coconut milk and ice.

101/365 Another Day, Another Smoothie

Photo by M. Klasen on Flickr

Creamy Mango Popscicles: Blend together 1 cup of greek yogurt with mango chunks and scoop into an ice pop mold.

Mango Feverish Pop

Photo courtesy of Feverishmiami on Flickr

Chile Mango: It may sound weird, but don’t be afraid. Sprinkle sea salt and cayenne pepper on a sliced mango, and squeeze some lime juice in.

Mango con chile

Photo courtesy of hukes on Flickr

If this whole “cooking” thing seems like too much for you, don’t hesitate to simply slice that mango open, bite into it’s juicy flesh and enjoy as is. Learn how to cut a mango perfectly with these simple steps here.

It is a mystery how everyone hasn’t gone mad over mangos. Go out and get creative with them. Just make sure to leave some for me!


Photo by Morgan Wickstrom