Everyone knows how tasty a Slayter cheeseburger is and knowing the ingredients came from responsible and sustainable farms near Granville makes it that much more delicious (or just knowing where they came from at all.)

1. The Meat


Gif Courtesy of Buzzfeed

No need to call your food mystery meat anymore.

All of our hamburger patties in Slayter come from New Creation Farms located in Chardon, Ohio. These cows get to chow down on all of the grass their heart desires and are never fed hormones, antibiotics, or genetically modified organisms. Healthy happy cows make for only the best burgers.

2. The Cheese


Gif Courtesy of tumblr.com

Cheesin’s not just for the camera.

All of our cheese on campus is sourced from the Middlefield Cheese co-op, an Amish business in Middlefield, Ohio. If you’re a swiss person or maybe even a cheddar fanatic look no further than Middlefield to supply you with delicious cheese made with milk from humanely raised cows.

3. Lettuce and Tomato


Gif Courtesy of nbcthevoice.tumblr.com

Now you don’t have to lie to your mom about eating your veggies.

Slap a juicy tomato slice from VanScoy Farm in Ridgeway, Ohio on that burger or some lettuce from the Birds Haven farm right here in Granville. Both of these farms respect the land and the people working on them. No pesticides are found here …power to the people!