The primary reason that most diets do not work is not because they are not effective in reducing one’s weight. Most diets do not work because of our willpower–most people simply cannot stick to a strict diet and resist the temptation of that midnight hot, cheesy slice of pizza.

No more is the diet that we all have to force ourselves to go through. This liquid carbohydrates diet is the new diet that everyone is talking about,  effective mostly because it is sustainable.

liquid carbohydrates

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So what exactly is this liquid? The diet consists simply of replacing all starch with ethanol. The genius of this diet lies in the following three reasons:

1. There is never a lack of motivation to sustain this diet.

This is pretty self-explanatory. Who does not want to have a boozy meal at every opportunity possible?

2. The amount of alcohol we can consume in a day is limited, and therefore, so is the amount of calories we take in.

The ethanol diet actually makes more sense than you would think.

We cannot spend the whole day wasted, because we need to be productive.Therefore, our alcohol intake must also be limited. In addition, because the carbohydrate intake is very limited in this diet, meaning less oily and filling foods, it does not take very much for one to start feeling the effects of the alcohol. Therefore, the calories one consumes through carbohydrates is very limited.

Instead of starch, eat fruit, vegetables, and protein to fill your stomach. This way, you can actually get more beneficial nutrients every day for less calories.

3. Meals are quicker and more efficient

Because taking a shot of liquor or drinking a bottle of beer takes the place of eating a roll or a bowl of rice, meals are much quicker. Not only do you get to cut out the time you take to eat a roll of bread, you also can hydrate as you take in your daily calorie intake. This makes for a very time-efficient meal, perfect for the busy college student running from class to class to meeting.

liquid carbohydrates

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Those who have tried this diet claim that it has helped them lose weight, enjoy life more, and even be more sociable. Although this diet does require that you exercise a certain amount of self-control to remain functional, it definitely deserves to be tried out.


This is a joke post for April Fool’s Day.