Sauteing isn't as easy as it sounds. There is a lot more to it than just tossing vegetables around in a pan. There are a few main steps involved and once you master them, your on your way to becoming a sizzling chef in the kitchen,

1. Prep your ingredients

Photo by Webvilla | Unsplash

webvilla on unsplash

Before you do any sauteing, it is best to lay out all your ingredients. To start, I usually stick with the basics: peppers, onions, garlic, and any type of hearty vegetable. I really enjoy sauteing peppers because they are sweet, colorful, and full of vitamins.

Once your pan has been heating up for a bit, you can toss in the onions and let them sweat. You want them to be translucent. After the onions, add in the garlic and peppers. While giving the pan a good stir, it is important to make sure you give the ingredients time to marinate.

2. Toss time

After you let the veggies sit in the pan for a bit, it's time to give them a toss. Then you want to put a cover on the pan. Putting a cover over the sizzling pan helps to brown the peppers. After around 10+ minutes of sauteing the peppers this way, it's time to display the dish.

3. Plate it 

chicken, brown rice, broccoli, rice
Emily Sauchelli

Peppers are the base to a variety of colorful and healthy dishes. Adding any type of meat (chicken, sausage, etc.), and some potatoes or pasta, makes the meal. Try making grilled chicken with rice, peppers, and broccoli (pictured above) or sausage and sauteed peppers with roasted potatoes (pictured below). 

Emily Sauchelli

There are thousands of ways you can make sauteed peppers into a meal that are fun, delicious, and interesting.

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