Step towards Spoon:

Current Condition:

You might be quite familiar with this collection of images. Yes, these are pictures of your hostel mess and night canteen. Speaking of mess, what comes to your mind when you come across this word? I bet there are many who term mess food as ‘food from a prison’, or ‘barely edible’. Some of you avoid eating food from here, which causes weight loss and other iron deficiencies, while some of you prefer eating outside, which again, harms your health as well as empties your pocket, if done too frequently. Moreover, you pay fees for mess, and when you don’t eat mess food, the caterers are profited. So in the end, you are paying double, with no special benefits.

Our Research:

On an average, almost 80% of the students go out to eat at least 3 times a week. And due to money management issues, cheap affordable street food is preferred over healthy food. Nowadays, salads cost more than burger and fries. So it is natural that students get attracted to fast food, as it is tasty as well as inexpensive. But this, in the long run, affects the overall health of the students, making them susceptible to dangerous deadly diseases (huge dengue breakout recently. Dengue isn’t caused by unhealthy food, it is caused due to low immunity, and consuming unhealthy food is one reason for low immunity). Due to this, performance and working capacity is affected, and the rest follows. All because of something as small as (or so we think) not eating properly.

How to Overcome it:

As the saying goes, “You are what you eat”, we need to start eating healthy, to promote a healthy lifestyle for optimization of our performance. This is where Spoon comes into picture. A quick introduction; Spoon is a food and wellness media publication. Its main purpose is to spread awareness about healthy living all across the world. Spoon was founded for the very purpose of benefiting college students to manage their food and health as well as learning how to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  After successfully starting chapters in thousands of colleges all over the globe, Spoon now will pay a visit to our campus, and will stay here for good, if welcomed with open arms! Do try to be a part of this amazing brand new Spoon chapter at VNIT, where we will try to understand your perspective on the current condition of food in our college, and together we will make it better! We promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

Contact Us:

Visit us at our Instagram handle @spoon_vnit and feel free to ask any doubts you have about this! Any suggestions are welcome too! We will hold our first meeting soon after the exams, where we will share our thoughts to give you a basic overall idea of what Spoon is all about; and ask your opinion on what you really feel about the food currently available to you. So do DM and give a confirmation if you’re interested.

A Helpful Article:

In the mean time, do enjoy this article which is the perfect example of creativity, and will help get you through those midnight pangs of hunger.

That’s all for now folks! Until next time.