Everyone knows the classic Big Mac. McDonald’s themselves describe it as, “A double layer of sear-sizzled 100% pure beef mingled with special sauce on a sesame seed bun and topped with melty American cheese, crisp lettuce, minced onions and tangy pickles.”

Gif courtesy of giphy.com

What people don’t really know is that you can get this burger without the middle bun, because what difference does that make anyway, for way less than half the cost.

A random Reddit user realized that the Big Mac and the McDouble are essentially the same product except that the McDouble has no middle bun, uses a different sauce, and doesn’t come with lettuce. How do we eliminate these differences? Simple.

When ordering a McDouble, make sure to ask for the Big Mac Sauce™ instead (of the usual ketchup/mustard combo), and ask for lettuce. Don’t forget to add a bright smile and appreciative thank you. A smile and a little kindness never hurt anyone.

According to Thrillist, this McDouble combination weighs seven grams more than the original Big Mac. The cost difference is $3.31, with the McDouble coming in at $1.92 (10 extra cents for lettuce) and the Big Mac coming in at $5.23. This was purchased in New York so the price at your location may vary but you will be still saving Big Bucks.