From açaí bowls to burrito bowls, the food-in-a-bowl trend has taken over. Not only are these bowls good-looking and perfect to add some pizzazz to your Instagram, but they can also be a staple for a healthy diet by adding in a few key superfoods.

Here's how to make a nutritious but Insta-worthy meal in a bowl for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast: Açaí Bowl

An açaí bowl is simple, with a base consisting solely of fruit. It's also extremely nutritious thanks to the açaí, a superfood berry that's native from South America.

To make: Blend together açaí powder or juice and your favorite frozen fruits, like bananas, strawberries and blueberries. Pour the mixture into a bowl. Then top with fresh fruits, granola, coconut flakes and Chia seeds.

#SpoonTip: Place your toppings in straight rows across the bowl. This will make your toppings appear uniform and pleasing to the eye.

Use this step-by-step recipe to create the perfect açaí bowl at home.

Lunch: Sushi Bowl

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As a spin-off of the burrito bowl, sushi bowls are exactly what they sound like. Sushi ingredients are all thrown into a bowl, aka a deconstructed sushi roll. 

This bowl is much easier to make than actual sushi, and it can be just as aesthetically pleasing. Load it up with sesame seeds and nori, and you've got a beautifully nutritious lunch.

To make: Use rice as a base. Then add your favorite sushi ingredients, like carrot, cucumber and avocado, along with your choice of protein, like tuna or crab. Top it with nori flakes and sesame seeds for a sushi bowl that's sure to fill you up.

#SpoonTip: Sort the ingredients in your bowl so that each is in a separate bunch. This will show them all off equally and make for a great picture.

Dinner: Burrito Bowl

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As soon as Chipotle began rising to stardom, so did the burrito bowl. It's basically a less messy version of a burrito, and is much more appealing to the eye. It can also be a nutritious meal by adding in my favorite food on the planet—guacamole—which adds healthy fats.

To make: Start by adding rice, beans and your choice of protein, like chicken, into a bowl. Add in lettuce and cheese if desired. Then top with your favorite salsa and some good ol' guacamole to make a nutrient-packed and ultra-satisfying dinner.

Instead of just grabbing Chipotle and calling it a night, try this easy recipe for creating your own copycat version at home.

So consider making your next meal into a bowl meal. Not only can it boost your health, but it can also serve as the day's Instagram post.