At Tulane, the classic Bruff Commons food can get super repetitive and boring. But being in New Orleans, home to some of the world's best restaurants, our food possibilities are endless. Going to Tulane entails trying as many new restaurants as possible within 4 short years. And what's better than eating at a tasty NOLA restaurant? Having it delivered straight to the comfort of your own dorm. Uber Eats has been a life-saver as a college student and in order to help you out, I present you with a guide on how to create the most delicious weekend at Tulane: Uber Eats Edition. 

Fancy Friday Night Dinner

In order to create the perfect Friday night dinner (complete with a bottle of wine, of course), I highly recommend ordering from two of the most well-known restaurants in New Orleans: Pizza Domenica and Willa Jean.

1. Pizza Domenica

Pizza Domenica is a staple among Tulane students. Their garlic knots are a must-try, and they make some of the best pizza in New Orleans.

2. Willa Jean

Although Willa Jean is typically known for its brunch, they have delicious sandwiches and salad options for dinner. It's nearly impossible to get in for brunch, yet you can have dinner delivered from them within the hour. 

Saturday Brunch

After a long week of class, we could all use some extra sleep and to treat ourselves to an extravagant brunch.  There's nothing better than eating it in your pajamas without having to get ready for the day.

3. District Donuts

Whether you're craving a savory or sweet brunch, District Donuts can provide you with the perfect, satisfying meal. From their decadent donuts to their creative sliders (highly recommend the fried chicken one), you can't go wrong ordering off their menu. Plus, ordering it on Ubereats eliminates the stress of finding a table in their narrow seating area.

Post-Darty Fuel

After dartying all afternoon at Tulane, a heavy, greasy meal, is necessary. Depending on my mood, I typically opt for either Chinese, Mexican, or a hot dog.

4. Jung's Golden Dragon II

My personal favorite mid-day drunk food, Jung's Golden Dragon II, provides all the greasy and spicy Chinese food your heart could desire. It's also perfect for sharing with a group of friends.

5. Izzo's Illegal Burrito

Izzo's Illegal Burrito is a go-to when craving creamy queso and guac. Their burrito bowls are 10/10 and satisfy me every time I need a pick-me-up to rally at night.

6. Dat Dog

When feeling adventurous, Dat Dog never disappoints. With their crazy menu, you can put literally any topping imaginable on a hot dog. Who wouldn't want that after an afternoon of day-drinking?

Late Night Eats

I couldn't even tell you how often I crave a full meal after going out on a Saturday night. I never regret ordering a large, greasy meal to share with friends after midnight.

7. The Halal Guys

To satisfy this craving, there's nothing better than hummus and falafel. Even though there are limited options on UberEats at night, The Halal Guys is a late night staple. Plus, they have fast delivery, so have no fear if you're famished.

Sunday Afternoon Cleanse

After a weekend of drinking, everyone could use a healthy lunch on Sunday. Whether you're in the mood for a salad or Vietnamese food, I've got you covered with these two delicious options.

8. City Greens

Whenever I want to order a healthy meal, I always end up ordering from City Greens. They make salads actually taste good, and the ingredients are always fresh.

9. Rolls N Bowls

If you're not a salad person, check out Rolls N Bowls. Their Vietnamese menu has different soups, noodle/rice dishes, and variations of chicken. It almost tastes too good to be good for you.

Sunday Night Study Session

After a long weekend in the big easy, it's always hard to buckle down and get homework done. But ordering the right food always makes it easier. Here are my two favorite study dinner restaurants:

10. Pita Pit

Pita Pit: the place where you can shove virtually anything into a pita. I typically go for either the fajita chicken or falafel, but the world is your oyster here. It arrives in under 30 minutes and makes the perfect companion to a stack of textbooks.

11. Maple Street Cafe

When I'm in the mood for pasta (which is 99% of the time), Maple Street Café never lets me down. The portions are huge and all of the pasta dishes are delicious. You can't go wrong here. 

Sunday Night Dessert

12. Pinkberry

Pinkberry is the perfect way to end my night. Especially after a long weekend, it's always important to treat yourself.

Now, I hope you're not ordering every meal off Uber Eats (the delivery charges add up), but when you're feeling lazy over the weekend using this guide can help. So cheers to the weekend and eating in bed.