I want to eat healthy, but I also have extreme affinity for pizza. I also know that I'm not the only one with this problem. Infinite pizza is a huge benefit of college (almost worth that tuition, huh?) and not a day goes by for some of my pizza-loving friends without a slice. So, how does one justify all that pizza with healthy eating? Just follow this simple two-step method every time you hit the dining hall and you'll be eating healthier than you ever thought possible with this relatively healthy pizza "recipe."

Step 1: Grab a Slice

meat, salami, dough, mozzarella, crust, tomato, cheese, sauce, pepperoni, pizza
Mason McNicol

This is the easy part—grab yourself some pizza (not healthy, yay!).  You can grab whatever type of pizza is your favorite, although plain cheese is probably the healthiest, given the fat percentage in pizza meat.

Step 2: Grab some greens

tomato, chicken, salad
Mason McNicol

Don't overthink this—get yourself some toppings from the salad bar. Add some bacon, black olives, a little spinach, and since you're at the salad bar anyway add some broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, grape tomatoes, and other assorted healthy foods.

Take the amazing pizza concoction, sit down, and you'll realize that you don't really want to eat the litter of healthy material and pizza in the same bite. But since there is a pizza at the bottom, you will have to begrudgingly make your way through the topsoil to arrive at the buried treasure that a slice of scrumptiousness.

And that's how to trick yourself into eating healthy using pizza. With countless salad bar options, you also have the opportunity to get creative at the same time.  

Oh, and if you're feeling super-healthy, dab the pizza with napkins. You'll be a health-nut before you know it.