Saturday morning football games can be the worst. You have to get up early, put in the effort to get ready, and pregame. Some Saturdays, the Demon Deacons are scheduled for a 12 pm kick-off. After listening to all my friends complain about their impending early wake-up calls, I decided that the only answer was to throw a brunch pregame. I mean, when is a brunch pregame ever not a good idea? Here are a few ways that you can throw down before an early game!

1. Orange juice. LOTS of orange juice.

Orange juice is, without a doubt, the best mixer. And, it is the core of every great brunch pregame. Champagne and orange juice? BOOM! Mimosa. Vodka and orange juice? BAM! Screwdriver. And bonus, orange juice is delicious all on its own; it's the perfect Saturday morning drink.

If you aren't drinking, no worries! Put a little orange juice in your solo cup and you're good to go! It can also serve as a non-alcoholic juice to alternate between alcoholic drinks to keep you going for longer. 

TIP: Remember to #drinkresponsibly and alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

2. Berries, ofc.

Kate Jones

If strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries don't scream brunch, I don't know what does. Berries are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also healthy and delicious. They are the perfect snack to nibble on as you get ready for the game and easy to share with your friends. But, if you are drinking, remember to eat something more nutritious than just fruit. 

3. Muffins, croissants, cinnamon rolls!

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Katie Kasperson

Obviously, if you're going to drink, you're going to need some food in your system. Pastries are a great option, they provide a solid base for all your pregaming endeavors and taste delicious. If you're feeling really ambitious, go ahead and try making your own lemon poppyseed muffins in your dorm kitchen. If not, store-bought is perfectly fine. I try to pick a variety of snacks so all my friends can enjoy brunch. 

TIP: If you're concerned about the dent a brunch pregame could put in your wallet, then go ahead and request a Venmo from everyone invited. More often than not, people are willing to  contribute to the brunch pregaming fund and help split up the cost.

4. A fun brunch pregame playlist

Kate Jones

In the past, I've found that a brunch pregame does not usually call for the same raging playlist that a regular pregame might have. When I asked around, I received requests for everything from Post Malone to Diplo. My go-to brunch pregame playlist is attached for your listening pleasure. 

Brunch pregame bonus points

While it's not necessary, brunch accessories can really make your pregame pop! If you're feeling even more extra, feel free to invest in some fun champagne glasses, sparkly paper straws, or cute brunchy napkins. Want a banner or balloons? Why not! A brunch pregame is only as fun as you make it. 

Hopefully these brunch pregame tips will give you some #inspo for your next early morning pregame. Make sure to post your epic brunch pregame on social media to share it with all your friends. Don't forget to drink responsibly!