Valentine’s season can be a hard one for us single ladies out there. But it doesn’t have to be! Get together with a bunch of your favorite gals, show them how much you appreciate them, and let loose with an unforgettable Galentine's party!

Here are some ideas on throwing a fun and sentimental Galentine’s party for the books:

1. Mail out cute invitations

Nothing is more exciting than receiving a letter, especially in the mail— it's unexpected. Get your friends excited about your Galentine's party and be intentional by mailing them cute invitations to let them know (1) how fun it's going to be, and (2) that you want them there! 

2. Make it a pajama party

A Galentine’s party should be all about kicking back and letting loose. There is no better way to do this than wearing your favorite PJ's! Or, splurge a little (why not, it’s Galentine’s!) and buy matching pajamas (onesies are encouraged) - it makes for adorable pictures! 

3. Serve brunch with a waffle bar

Let go and be free photo by Jen P. (@talesbyjen) on Unsplash

Unsplash on Unsplash

Everyone loves brunch, so this is bound to be a hit. Just having brunch in itself would be fantastic, but I recommend taking it up a notch and with a waffle bar. Your friends will love you more than they already do. Try some of these different waffle recipes to ensure there is a waffle for everyone. Since it's Valentine's, the red velvet waffle is a must. Serve them buffet style with an assortment of festive toppings! Here are a few suggestions:

    - homemade whipped cream

    - strawberries and raspberries (or preserves)

    - festive pink, red, and white sprinkles

    - mini chocolate and white chocolate chips

    - cream cheese icing (click on red velvet waffles for recipe)

    - maple syrup (obviously)

4. Do boogie spa thing

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Julia Gilman

This day is all about making yourselves feel special, so treat yo' self. What better way than using overpriced face masks and scrubs? After the brunch, turn up the music, sit back, and detox with the girls. (Check out these DIY homemade scrubs!). Give each other manis and pedis, and if you really love each other, a good back or foot massage. 

5. Decorate sugar cookies

Make a batch of sugar cookies ahead of time and have a cookie decorating station set up to decorate. I recommend making them look like the sweethearts we always got as kids, they're so cute.

6. Watch a classic chick-flick 

We all love a good chick-flick. After y'all detox, cuddle up in your PJ's with blankets and pillows and laugh through one of y'alls favorites/ There are so many good ones out there, but I have to say, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Legally Blonde were crowd pleasers at my party last year.

7. Serve punny snacks!

The only thing better than a chick-flick with your girls is food to accompany it! Wherever it's playing, have a table full of snacks set up on the side for people to munch on. There are a world of snack puns just waiting to be used, these are some of my favorites:

    - donuts, labeled "donut forget how much I love you!" or "I donut know what I'd do without you"

    - pink starbursts, labeled "you make my heart burst!"

    - fries, labeled "fries before guys!"

    - popcorn, labeled "you make my heart pop!"

    - heart-shaped decorated sugar cookies 

8. Make each other cards

I think it would be a sweet way to end a good day by having everyone make cards for each other, telling each other how much they love and appreciate their friendship. Since not everyone has a “special someone” this is a great opportunity to uplift and encourage them, letting them know that they’re awesome the way they are and they don’t need no man. Provide multi-colored paper or origami, different kinds of pens and markers, and stickers! While everyone's writing, pass around some glasses of rosé! 

9. Take pictures!!

This is a special day, don’t forget to take a picture together to remember and savor it later!

10. Give out party favors

As everyone’s leaving, top the day off with some girly party favors! You can make this your own, or here are some cute ideas!

 - "There's no one I love s'more than you": decorate and fill mason jars will marshmallows, pink M&M's, and graham cracker goldfish!

- "You're the bomb": bath bomb's with a note, accompanied with other spa-inspired goodies (face masks, body scrub, nail polish, etc.)

- "Will you accept this rosé?": if you can find mini bottles of rosé, give one to everyone with this note attached, and maybe a pink macaroon too

Using some of these ideas, from now on, make Valentines a holiday you get excited about with a Galentine's party! Celebrate all the awesome friends you have; let it be a time to kick back in your most comfortable PJ's and relax, eat as much as you want, gossip, and just have fun!