Throwing a holiday party can be one of the most stressful activities, or one of the most fun. In a limited space, the decorations must be simple. With a limited budget, the food and drinks must be cheap. With Martha Stewart's endless tips and tricks, it is all possible, and I've simplified it even further into three easy steps. 

Step 1: The Decorations

Martha Stewart is all about DIY projects, which means anyone can do it, no matter how artistically inclined you are. Sometimes the simplest of decorations can be the most elegant. Filling a glass bowl or vase with ornaments will instantly upgrade any room (even a dorm room) into a classy holiday party. If you're feeling super fancy, make a shatterproof ornament garland or one of Martha's other countless crafts.

Step 2: The Food 

The best part of the holidays: the food. For a laid back casual party, try one of Martha's freezable appetizers like ham and gruyere thumbprints you can make days in advance. 

For a more formal party, try one of Martha's several fully planned out dinner menus. These menus include appetizers like rosemary-caramel popcorn, or desserts like chocolate peppermint cake.

Step 3: The Drinks 

You can't go wrong with normal eggnog from a box, but what about party eggnog? Martha's booze-filled eggnog, made with bourbon and rum, will have your guests going back for more throughout the night.

For a fruity option, try the holiday citrus punch, made with pear nectar, orange juice, club soda, and rum. If you're too time crunched to make a big batch of drinks, set up a self-serve cocktail bar that will keep the party vibe causal. 

Easy, tasteful, and elegant. Martha-approved.