It's almost the end of Women's Month, so now is the time to rejoice and celebrate women empowerment. Here are a few different products or brands that are either created by feminist women or are in support of women empowerment. 

1. Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Jeni's was created by Jeni Britton Bauer in 2002. Her ice cream is 100% natural. Not only is the ice cream fantastic, but she is constantly speaking up for women's equality and advocating for more women in power. She speaks of wanting there to be more women role models in jobs so that kids know that women can be anything they set their minds to. She even uses her ice cream to donate to charities supporting women. Bauer supports women empowerment and all women from anywhere and everywhere no matter what you look like or who you are! You can find Jeni's Ice Cream at your local Whole Foods or Jeni's Scoop Shop.

2. Dagoba Chocolate

Dagoba Chocolate is a chocolate company that empowers the women who are making the chocolate. This Rainforest Alliance Certified company supports underrepresented women in the world of cacao farming by giving them the resources to become strong entrepreneurs. This gives women in these countries the ability to reign in their empowerment potential and show the world what they are capable of. Their chocolate is only available for sale online, but certain bars are sold at Target

3. Divine Chocolate 

Chocolate seems to be the place for women's empowerment. Divine chocolate helps women in third-world counties, who are essential within the chocolate making process, to get the income they deserve. Competing for equality, women go through a training program to farm more efficiently and provide other jobs within the chocolate industry. This extra money then allows their girls to go to school and receive an education that most females are not able to receive in these areas. These delicious chocolates for women empowerment are found exclusively on their website

4. Aslina Wines

Created by Ntsiki Biyela, Aslina Wines prides itself on using "nature's offerings". Ms. Biyela named Aslina Wines after her grandmother and she was also the inspiration for creating the wine. From growing up in a small village, Biyela is now the first black woman winemaker in South Africa, an achievement that many aspiring female winemakers can find inspiring. Support Aslina Wines and women of color by purchasing a bottle here.

5. Katie's Pizza and Pasta Osteria

Owned by Katie Collier and her husband, Katie's Pizza is a St. Louis restaurant featuring a modern twist on Italian food using fresh, local ingredients. Katie Collier is the head chef behind the diverse menu, and also an avid feminist. This strong woman uses her restaurant to support those in need. One example would be her campaign to support abused women and their struggle to get back on their feet. Support Katie and women empowerment by eating at her restaurant in Town & Country or Rock Hill, Missouri.