Fro-yo is a necessary part of every college student’s diet. But the self-serve options can get expensive, with an average trip ranging about $5 or $6. Sure you could just cut down on the toppings, but what fun is that?

The simplest way to saving big at your local frozen yogurt joint is actually really simple: rewards programs. Most frozen yogurt chains offer them, but I’ll bet you had no clue what you could be earning just for enjoying your weekly treat. If you’re going there anyway, you might as well take a second and sign up. Trust me, you’ll be happy you did.

Rack Up Those Rewards

Photo by Taylor Lashley

Yogen Fruz: Joining the fruzNation program at Yogen Fruz will earn you 500 points and then for every penny you spend, you’ll get another 1 point. Once you earn 5000 points, you get a free treat. And on your birthday, you’ll get 5000 points which earns you a free treat immediately.

Yogurtland: You earn 3 free ounces just for signing up for the Yogurtland Real Rewards program. After that, 1 point is earned for every ounce of yogurt purchased. Once you earn 60 points in a year, you’ll progress to the Raspberry Level, where after 36 points, you can score a free 3 ounces. Scoop the coveted Platinum Level by earning 240 points and you’ll get a free 4 ounces of yogurt for every 36 points. Your free birthday treat is a whopping 16 full ounces and you get your own personalized platinum card. Sign me up!

TCBY: When you register a myTCBY card, you earn one point for every dollar spent. Once you earn 30 points, you get $3 credit, which obviously, you’ll use to get even more frozen yogurt.

Photo by Caitlin Wolper

Pinkberry: Every ten purchases, you’ll get a free frozen yogurt through the Pinkberry loyalty program. And, Pinkberry celebrates your birthday with another free yogurt. Happy birthday to you!

Menchies: The Menchies Smileage program offers 25 bonus “smiles” just for signing up. After that, you’re awarded one smile for every dollar spent. With every 50 smiles back, you’ll earn $5 in rewards, plus you’ll get the same amount two weeks before your birthday.

Orange Leaf: All you need to do to earn 1 point for every dollar spent is to register your card for the Ounce Back program. Every 10 points gets you $1 back on your card. Save even more money with $3 on your birthday and $1 on your “cardiversary.” Who knew eating frozen yogurt could be so rewarding?

Photo by Rebecca Block

Red Mango: The Club Mango rewards program gives you a $2 reward for signing up. Afterward, every time you buy frozen yogurt, for every dollar you’ll get 10 Mango Points. 500 Mango Points gets you a $5 reward, and you’ll get the same on your birthday.

sweetFrog: After you sign up for the sweetFrog loyalty program, you’ll earn 10 percent off your next frozen yogurt purchase (which surely will be soon after). Every 10 visits, you’ll be sent an offer for a free 12 ounces. Plus, personalized offers will be sent straight to your phone.