Often confused with a frittata, a quiche is a tart with a pastry crust that's usually filled with eggs, cream, cheese, meat, and vegetables. But as tempting as quiche is, it can be a little intimidating to order a slice when you're unsure how to pronounce it. Is it actually pronounced as “kwish” or “kwee-she?" How should we say it? I’ve done the research on how to pronounce quiche to put us all in ease.

Origins of the Quiche

Put simply, a quiche is a savory, baked tart that originated in Germany. Many people think the quiche was born in France since it’s part of the French cuisine. However, the word quiche came from the German word for cake, which is a “Kuchen.” A popular variant of quiche is the quiche Lorraine, which is a simple, open-faced pie typically baked with bacon bits and cheese that comes from the Lorraine region in France. However, there are many varieties of quiche served around the world. But while fillings will vary, they should all have a buttery crust and an egg filling.

How to Pronounce Quiche

Surprisingly, there aren’t many variations for how to pronounce "quiche." According to the Cambridge Dictionary, English speakers are divided when it comes to pronouncing "quiche." The American pronunciation of quiche is “keesh.” Meanwhile, the Brits pronounce it as “kish.” The difference lies in the way the way the letters “ui” in quiche are pronounced. On the other hand, the French have a slightly different pronunciation from the English speakers. "Quiche" can be spelled as "K'iche," and it's pronounced as "ki-shee."

Now that you know how to pronounce "quiche," you can order without fear of making a mistake. But no matter how you ask for a slice of this rich dish, you're in for a meal you won't soon forget.