Certain foods out there in this hustle and bustle world have more than one acceptable way to pronounce them. According to The Atlantic, the different phonic choices are often based on regional factors. However, there are a few foods out there that have only one acceptable way to pronounce them, such as "niçoise." Most people don't know the actual correct way to say it, so let's put an end to the mystery. 

What's a Niçoise Salad?

Before we solve it, let's get an idea of what a niçoise salad is composed of. It's traditionally made of tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, olives, and anchovies dressed with olive oil and garlic (although there doesn't seem to be a consensus on what should actually go into this salad).

Honestly, I hate salad of almost any kind. My knowledge on this word isn't based on personal experience. The only reason that I know how to pronounce niçoise is because of a movie.

How Not to Pronounce "Niçoise"

One of the most iconic "Yo Mama" battles takes place in the movie "White Chicks" (fast forward to 1:15). The antagonist Megan Vandergeld challenges the protagonists Brittany and Tiffany Wilson by saying:

"Your mother is so stupid that she goes to Barney's Rooftop Deck restaurant for lunch and orders a Niçoise salad and calls it 'nee-COYS' salad!"

Okay, that's not the most effective insult, but it is pretty funny and helps us eliminate one of the potential ways to pronounce niçoise—"nee-COYS" has officially been ruled out. Thanks, "White Chicks!"

Let's get back to reality. I asked a few 'Bama Spoonies what they think the correct way to pronounce niçoise is. Here are a few results:

One of our lovely marketing co-directors, Brehany suggested that it is pronounced: "knee-qwah." Sorry, Bre. You're dead wrong.

Our other fabulous co-director of marketing, Emma, suggested that it is pronounced "nuh-coys." Another suggestion bites the dust.

I created a quick poll in our Bama Spoon GroupMe and "nee-swah," yielded votes from two people. They came the closest, but sadly, they're wrong too.

The word "Niçoise" translates to "in the style of Nice." Nice is a city in France, ergo the word is French. As we all know, the French pronounce certain sounds differently than we do in the United States. Hint: Nice is pronounced "neese." 

The moment we've all been waiting for...

The correct and only way to pronounce niçoise is "nee-SWAZ." Don't believe me? Here's proof. Here's some more proof. You seriously don't still believe me? Here's more, but that's my final offer. 

You're now proficient in the area of how to and how to not pronounce the word niçoise. You know how to say it in a classy, sophisticated manner. There's really no excuse to say it the wrong way now, so don't embarrass yourself.