Fact: I have ended up in new cities with nothing but lists of restaurants to eat at. (This shows you my priorities when I'm trying to prepare for a trip...)

Another fact: I dragged my mom on an adventure to take on the NYC food scene, and we ate full meals at twelve different restaurants in the matter of a day.

What can I say - I'm a foodie.

I love good food, and I have a great amount of respect for different cultures and takes on foods. I spend my time watching the Food Network, Tasty videos, Delish videos, and INSIDER Food videos, and I don't have much time to spend (it's concerning). My life revolves around food, but doesn't everybody's? Aren't we all just waiting for the next meal? 

The world offers a variety of flavors, each used in a different way to attract a certain audience.  

Americans are more than the stereotypical junk food. We're inventors; we cater the world's flavors to our's. Italian pizza is not our ordinary slice, and now we have Chicago and New York styles of pizza. 

Exhibit A: NYC's Artichoke Basille's Artichoke Pizza, which honestly changed the pizza game. The creaminess of the sauce, the cheesiness of the slice, the crispiness of the bread... They took their classic cheese slice and added an unexpected twist that has people talking and coming back for more.

Exhibit B: Another case of different popular flavors is Hawaii's delicious poke. This has become a trend sweeping across the globe, and starting businesses in cultural hubs like London, New York, Miami, California, and more. Restaurants are taking the original concept and adding to it. For example, Las Vegas's Tail and Fin is a fusion restaurant that serves flavor and an amazing aesthetic with their sushi tacos and pineapple poke bowls. It's hard to hold yourself back from eating to snap an Instagram, but the wait is worth it. 

Now, how does a foodie spot the best eats?

Let me be your guide through the magic of the Internet so you can be on your way as you prepare for a trip. Like State Farm, you're in good hands.

1. Insider Food

Every time I come across a "Top XX Places to Eat in [Insert City/State Here], I experience feelings of euphoria. They have videos all over Facebook (or at least all over MY Facebook) and do God's work by sharing secret menus and offering food hacks.

2. Spoon University

Let me direct you to the website you're already on... you're welcome. Search for your city of interest and get ready to reap the benefits. I went to Charleston recently and pretty much let Spoon be the tour guide. I got so much food inspiration from articles like A Foodie's Weekend Getaway to Charleston, SC (which fit perfectly into my scenario) and Restaurants in Charleston With the Most Insta-Worthy Views (which let me squeeze in some sight seeing). These lists of restaurants are recommended by people your age in that area, so you're bound to resonate with one writer's tastes.

3. Instagram

Literally just tap the magnifying glass and search for type of food you want or the city you're interested in. Or even if you have a restaurant in mind, you can just search the name of the restaurant and plan out your order (please tell me I'm not the only person who does that). You'll let the people help you by seeing what food was worthy of a post to the 'gram? It also allows for you to discover your own food profiles to follow like @thenaughtyfork@bestfoodatlanta, or @cheesy_travelers.

There you have it...

These three platforms have never failed me when preparing for a trip, so let them join you on your travels and you will have a delicious time.