We've all been there. That awkward stage of preparing an avocado that involves taking the pit out. We've tried spooning it out and just straight-up digging it out with our fingers, being as subtle as possible about the mess we are making.

That's why my world was transformed when my dad taught me how to pit an avocado in a sophisticated manner, a way that doesn't have to be done when nobody is looking. All you need is your avocado and a large knife, and your hands will stay clean.

Step 1

avocado, vegetable, lime, guacamole, sweet
Rachel Kupelian

Insert the tip of the knife into the center of the avocado until you hit the pit, then rotate the avocado while holding the knife still so that a cut is made lengthwise all the way around the pit.

Step 2

avocado, guacamole, sweet
Rachel Kupelian

Grasping the avocado with two hands, one on each side of the cut, twist in opposite directions until the two halves separate (one will have the pit embedded). 

Step 3

avocado, guacamole
Rachel Kupelian

Set the avocado down, cut side up, and hold it still with one hand. With the other hand, carefully but forcefully bring the knife down onto the pit so that the blade is embedded in the pit.

Step 4

avocado, guacamole
Rachel Kupelian

Twist the knife and lift; the pit should come with it. Discard the pit.

Step 5

avocado, guacamole, vegetable
Katie Luchette

Feel accomplished about removing the pit out without getting your hands dirty! Now how about celebrating with some fresh avocado? Make yourself the perfect avocado toast or go al out with a unique guacamole recipe

Happy pitting!