With spring quarter well underway and our semester system friends headed home for the summer, we Broncos still have a few weeks to go and are anxious to let loose and escape the midterm crunch for a little while. Cinco de Alvisos is welcomed with open arms every May.

Widely regarded as the biggest day party of the year, and with over $1,600 raised for this years celebration via a campaign on tilt, Cinco de Alvisos is geared up to be one of the best yet.

The party is also known to be an all-day event, with people starting the festivities early in the morning and continuing into the night. For marathon-drinking like that, you need a game plan. Make sure you’re celebrating Cinco de Alvisos right with these Mexican-influenced drinks and some strategic drink planning.


Cinco De Alvisos

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First up on your drinking itinerary, a Mexican drink you’re probably familiar with – beer. What’s one of the few words you’re sure to know before traveling to Mexico? Cerveza. Take a break from the Natty Light and splurge on a six-pack of Coronas, Dos Equis or Modelo, the perfect way to ease yourself into drinking so early in the day. Una mas, por favor. 


Cinco De Alvisos

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Slowly increase your vibe from mellow to slightly turnt with a margarita that packs a punch. This is the ultimate Cinco de Mayo drink and the only way that Jose Cuervo is tolerable.

This jalapeño margarita is perfect to keep cool on Saturday (and best if frozen), but the margarita can be done in a multitude of ways, so if this one doesn’t float your boat, check out some other ideas.

If you’re staying sober this weekend (more power to ya!) replacing tequila with orange juice, especially in citrus-flavored mixes or drinks is a great substitute.

Jello Shots

Cinco De Alvisos

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When you’re at the height of your midday raging, you’re ready for something funky. What’s better than jello shots? Margarita jello shots in lime rinds. You can make any combo of booze and juice, but to make it more appropriate for the season, use tequila and orange liqueur. Get the quick recipe here.


Cinco De Alvisos

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When you hit the point in the day where the sun is intense and you’re looking for some relief, keep the buzz going and your energy up with a lighter and more refreshing paloma. Consisting of tequila and some form of grapefruit juice (usually Fresca or Squirt) and served with ice and a lime wedge, the paloma is the perfect midday drink. See instructions here.


Cinco De Alvisos

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Known as a remedy for hangovers, it’s best to save this one for last. Think of it as a bloody mary with beer. You might have to do a little extra grocery shopping for the spicy drink, but it is most definitely worth it. While there are many variations, check out the classic michelada here.

Slowly meander back to your house for the tradition that’s as old as Santa Clara itself: the post-darty nap. Happy Cinco de Alvisos, stay safe out there.