Looking for a new way to flex on your friend and fellow party-goers alike? Well, look no further. Here's how to make your own drunk jenga drinking game that is sure to wow them before their judgment becomes, shall we say… impaired.

Getting Your Materials

Ansley Bird

It's as simple as a quick trip over to good ol’ Amazon, Target or Walmart to get started making your own Drunk Jenga. You can usually get a blank set for around $10, but I’ve noticed that Amazon frequently puts them on sale for cheaper, so keep an eye out. I’d also pick up some fine point wood paint pens, but regular pilot pens work too-- just be careful about getting the tiles wet because they’ll bleed, which can be a bit tough considering this is a drinking game and spillage kind of comes with the territory. 

Getting Started

Ansley Bird

Next, brainstorm some ideas for each tile. There are 54 total in each box, so get those creative juices flowing. If you run out of ideas, crowdsourcing from friends or taking a peek at Pinterest is a good way to go. I’d recommend writing them all out before you start just so you don’t lose track. These are some of my favorites: 

Google it- share your most recent google search

Democracy- elect someone to drink (how long is up to you) and the rest of the group has to vote if they agree or not

Call your ex or your mom

Thief in the Night- steal anyone’s drink for a sip… or more

Hot Seat- everyone gets to ask the person that pulled the tile any question they want. If you don’t want to answer, drink! 

Making Magic

Ansley Bird

Time to write your challenges on the tiles! Word of warning: writing on wood can be a bit difficult so be aware of the grain in the wood as well as how your pens tend to bleed. I always try to include little illustrations that go with the dares, but it’s your call if you want to put in the extra effort. 

Time to Play!

Ansley Bird

Go ahead and grab a couple friends and a drink or two and have at it! You might want to roll up your sleeves because things can get quite competitive. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the rules of Jenga, it goes something like this: each player pulls a tile from the tower, does whatever it says, then places the tile on the top of the tower. It becomes increasingly difficult to pull tiles out due to physics and biology, or, more specifically, your BAC. When someone finally knocks the tower over, they have to finish their drink!

Have fun and drink responsibly!