Quite possibly the most exciting thing to have happened this semester at Sewanee is the installment of the new "Just Dip It" line in our dining hall. We no longer have to wait until Taco Tuesday to get guacamole! Not only is there guac, but the new line offers different types of hummus, salsa, and queso dip as well.

I used to make nachos at home all the time but could never make them at school. Now with this new dip line my nacho dreams can finally become a reality. Here's how to make nachos in any dining hall using ingredients from many different stations. The more colorful and cheesy, the better!

The Base

chocolate, chips, nachos
Abigail Shipps

Let's start off our epic platter with a base: tortilla chips. The dip line provides cut up vegetables as well as pita bread and chips to dip with. Just grab a big handfull (use the tongs to be sanitary, it's Sewanee plague season after all) and spread it out on the plate. Don't worry, we'll come back for the salsa, queso, and guac later. 

The Essentials

rice, beef
Abigail Shipps

In order for nachos to be nachos, you need some cheese. Sure, we'll be adding queso dip later, but the more cheese the merrier, right? Get some shredded cheddar cheese from the salad bar. If you want some protein (heck yes), walk over to our new SUM line for some beef, chicken, or tofu.

The Accessories

chili, pepper, salad, vegetable
Abigail Shipps

Now that you have the essentials, it's time to add some color. Scoop on some rice and beans from the vegan line as well as peppers, shredded lettuce, and other vegetables from the salad bar and SUM line. This is where you let your nacho creativity run wild! My personal motto is the more colorful the better, so I piled on a rainbow assortment of veggies.

#SpoonTip: At this stage, you can sprinkle some more cheese on top and microwave your plate for about 15 seconds to get warm and extra cheesy nachos. 

The Sauces

salad, cheese, nachos
Abigail Shipps

Now it's time for the fun part! Head back over to the new dip line and pile on the sauces. Add on guac, salsa, and finally queso dip. Your nachos should look like a fabulous mountian of deliciousness. If you're feeling extra fancy, you can squeeze a little lime on top (you can find lime wedges over in the SUM line). 

Abigail Shipps

The amazing thing about this dip line is that it's avaliable every weekday—that means nachos all week! The addition of the dip line could not have been possible without our beloved Chef Rick, who loves hearing the student's input on the dining hall in our Sewanee dining advisory Facebook group.

It's very rewarding to be involved in a group like a dining advisory group not only to suggest new food ideas, but also to be more involved in your school. If getting involved in school means guacamole and learning how to make the best nachos in your dining hall, then count me in.

P.S. They were delicious