Hot chocolate is my favorite holiday drink ever. I would even rank it above pumpkin spice and egg nog. It's the perfect mix of creamy, sweet, and warmth that you want on a cold winter day. It's even so popular when we can't have the drink, we make it into a cookie or even cupcakes. Don't forget to mention adding the marshmallows and whip cream on top, which is my favorite part (check out this recipe if you want vegan whip cream). It's also the perfect excuse to use some cute mugs (because my roommates know, I have way too many)

Yet one of the best things about being 21 and in college, is the ability to mix alcohol with almost anything, any time of year. And this includes one of the most popular holiday drinks: hot chocolate. All you need is four ingredients and you MUST be 21 or over. 

Step 1: The Ingredients

What you need: hot chocolate packet, milk of your choice/water, Bailey's, and vodka. I'm cheap so I bought a box of hot chocolate mix so I can use the individual packets. I'm also lactose intolerant so I make my drink with almond milk and it's delicious. Get the sweetened vanilla almond milk if you want to add extra sweetness to your drink. 

Step 2: Making the Hot Chocolate

I'll give you a little tip I learned on how to keep the powdered chunks out of your drink: heat up the water/milk in a separate cup/mug than what you plan on drinking it in. Put the powder mix in the bottom of the mug you want to use. When the liquid is heated, slowly pour it over the powder while stirring slowly. This will help you get rid of the chunks and make sure all the chocolate is properly melted. 

Step 3: The Boozy Part

Now that you have your drink, it's time to get boozy! Add a shot and a half of Bailey's and half a shot to a shot of vodka to your drink. I prefer adding more Bailey's than vodka because I like how creamy and sweet it makes the drink. Have I mentioned I like it sweet? A good alternative to either of these or in addition to is Kahlua. It's creamy and sweet like Bailey's and doesn't need to be refrigerated. 

Bonus Step 4: Decoration

If you're feeling fancy, pop in some marshmallows or whip cream to your drink! Add some festive sprinkles and/or a candy cane and you've got the perfect #Instaworthy, boozy holiday drink. 

It's always fun to make special drinks over the holidays because, to me at least, it adds an extra sprinkle of magic to the drink. If you plan on making this boozy hot chocolate make sure you drink responsibly and don't drink it without watching a holiday movie too.