Adulting may be intimidating, but it makes sense to want to show off your personality with a perfectly "you" apartment. Your apartment is the place to go and feel completely free, as your apartment can reflect your personality. I'm a big fan of trendy room decor, and as I move into a new apartment, I have low-key become an interior decorator. I now know I want the focal point of my living room to be a bar cart.

They're the perfect accent piece and super convenient. When I have people over, they'll be able to just focus on this one focal point, and gather there.

All over the Internet, you can find trendy drinking utensils and inspiration for your very own bar cart. After some research, I found myself most fond of mixing gold, copper, and marble accents. 

So, what's necessary for a functioning and practical bar cart?

1. Cocktail Shaker

A lot of different stores have branched out into trendy kitchen and bar supplies, so I highly recommend looking at sites like Urban Outfitters for funky and classic finds. They have a gold Metallic Cocktail Shaker Set that comes with a jigger, strainer, and mixing spoon. 

If you're looking for quirky, UO also sells these amazing Pineapple Cocktail Shakers that has a built in strainer and removable measuring cup. So cute! Also, this Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker - I am obsessed.

2. Ice Bucket

I've discovered that apparently you can make your own ice bucket. Calling all DIY-ers, if this is your terrain, please do this. And also no need to stop at flowers - you can use fruit like strawberries or blueberries too!

Now a marble ice bucket is way more my speed - especially this one with copper accents. The marble is elegant, but you also can't go wrong with a clear plain metal bucket. It's easy to match your apartment style to your bar cart style with this many options!

3. Bottle Opener/Corkscrew

I'm really terrible at opening bottles, so I need them to be handy, but also really appreciate an all-in-one product. Classy, yet sassy, able to open a beer and de-cork a bottle. 

4. Muddler

Care to add some texture to your drinks? I love mojitos with actual mint leaves and drinks with raspberry or watermelon puree. These are way easier to make than it looks when you're prepared, especially when you're looking at this Bar Kit Bundle.

5. Wine Glasses

I love stemless wine glasses. They're so elegant, less likely to break, and convenient to clean. I found these Copper Stemless Glassware set that is stylish and cute, and can even be used for Moscow Mules to add that extra authenticity. If you're looking for cute wine glasses, Etsy is the place to find them. But get ready for some crazy wine puns.

6. Moscow Mule Copper Cups

It's a classic drink served in a classic copper mug.  Moscow Mules have quickly become one of my favorite drinks, so I can't leave these out of the party. 

7. Shot Glasses

Going back to quirky, I bought my best friend these Pineapple Shot Glasses. They're such a great gift for a friend who's in love with the fruit, or even as a treat-yourself gift after surviving a week of finals. You can also find mason jar shot glasses, chemistry beaker shot glasses... pretty much anything your heart desires can be found in shot glass-form.

Also, because I know I want one - you can find Crystal Head Vodka bottles practically all over the Internet, but for convenience's sake, here. I love the edginess it adds while also being so classy.

Now, add your own flair to your bar cart, keep it classy, keep it sassy, and also keep it responsible (yes, I know, I'm a mom, but I'm at least a cool mom). Your friends are going to love it, and so are you. Cheers.