I've always wanted to have a fully pescatarian Thanksgiving. My family are all meat-eaters, and year after year, they would never concede. Well, I'm confident that this will be the year, and in preparation of that, I have gathered together some great recipes for us to have this year.


acorn squash, squash, vegetable, pumpkin, rice, sweet
Kendra Valkema

My family aways starts Thanksgiving off with appetizers, and one of our favorite fall foods are squash. So this maple glazed stuffed squash is perfect for us. The presence of mushrooms and almonds will make sure that no one will miss their usual meaty appetizer.

An extra perk to this dish? Its vegan, which means that it is suitable for all of the diets joining us this thanksgiving. 

Main Course

vegetable, meat, sauce, chicken, parsley
Shalayne Pulia

Being pescatarian means that you essentially eat no meat other than fish, so for my main course, I have chosen salmon for my meat. The primary reason for this is that growing up in a household with a Caribbean background, I know that we eat a LOT of salmon.

The recipe that I am going to be making this Thanksgiving season is this salmon bake with garlic spinach. The dish incorporates many of the colors seen in a typical thanksgiving dish, and is perfect for the flavor profile I'm looking for this season.


sweet, meat, vegetable, sauce, pork, sweet potato
Rachel Simmons

My family is pretty simple on sides. My mom always makes my favorite stuffing (it's a secret family recipe, sorry) and I always make the classic green bean casserole. Our potato side changes every year though, and these brown sugar roasted sweet potatoes sound delicious.


pastry, dough, bread, sweet, croissant, bun, crescent roll
Eva Reynolds

I honestly saved the best for last. Here, down south, we value pumpkin pie above all. That's why I went with these pumpkin butter pecan rolls. A simple, delicious way to end a festive day. 

These dishes are prove that you don't need a massive turkey to have a delicious and festive Thanksgiving.