TL;DR A new app called MealMe tells you the cheapest food delivery service for every restaurant.  

Food delivery is expensive!

We’ve all been there. It’s 7:11 PM, you’re hungry as hell, and you’re stuck in your dorm room studying. Naturally, you pull out your phone and go to a delivery service like UberEats, GrubHub, DoorDash, or Postmates to find a restaurant. You go to check out, but it’s $21.31 for chicken nugs and fries from Mickey D’s. No thanks. So you go to a second delivery service and do the same, but this time it’s $19.83. Getting better. Finally, you pull up a third delivery service, and it’s $12.64. Perfect, it's the best food delivery service for that restaurant. 30 minutes later, you pick up your nugs and get grease all over your notes while you eat and study.

The Solution

Well, study nights just got a lot cheaper because MealMe tells you the cheapest and best food delivery service. Use MealMe’s Explore Page to find a restaurant. It’s super easy to use and powered by ~Artificial Intelligence~. Once you find a restaurant, MealMe tells you the cheapest delivery service (UberEats, DoorDash, etc.) and lets you book a reservation (Opentable, Resy, etc.). Basically, MealMe makes you an expert food orderer, regardless of surge pricing, order amounts, and other fees. Best of all, it works for every restaurant in America.

Matthew Bouchner

Feeling like going out to eat instead? Cool! Post your food pictures on MealMe Social where you can follow, like, and comment just like on Instagram. When you see a yummy lookin’ food pic that your friend posted, you can order it to your house or book a reservation right from the post. From your activity on MealMe Social, the ~Artificial Intelligence~ gets to know your food preferences to better recommend restaurants on the MealMe Explore Page

Matthew Bouchner

Cool right? It’s going live on the Apple App Store on March 1. Want to beta test MealMe? 1. Download TestFlight, it's Apple's testing app. 2. Click this link.  3. Use MealMe like crazy!

College Foodie Founders

Hi, I’m Matt Bouchner, and I made MealMe with my co-founder Will Said. I’m a Senior in Goizueta Business School at Emory University and he’s a Junior in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. We made MealMe because we are huge foodies, food delivery is expensive, and it's hard to interact with fellow foodies online. We have been working on MealMe for the past two years, and we’re stoked to share it with the world! When we launch on the iOS App Store on March 1, everyone will be able to see the best food delivery service for every restaurant. Starting a company and making apps isn’t easy, and I’m still learning every day. If you have an idea and don’t know where to start, shoot me a note on I’m happy to help.  

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